15 Must Visit Best Toronto Restaurants

The restaurant is an integral part of Canadian culture and Toronto is very popular for its clubbing and restaurants. These restaurants offer different types of cuisines with chef’s signature dishes.

Food lovers in North America love fine dining rooms including local chefs, impeccable service, bars, white tablecloths, and the use of high-quality ingredients and top-notch ingredients in their dishes.

Hence, in this article, I will try to bring out the 15 best Toronto restaurants along with their different and tasty cuisines, and their other signature dishes.

15 Best Toronto Restaurants

15 Best Toronto Restaurants

Some best restaurants in Toronto offer gluten-free menus including some dairy-free products. These listed-below restaurants in Toronto also have good wine lists for their customers.

These restaurants have fans worldwide – perhaps due to their which has different tastes and flavours covering almost the whole world’s flavours. 

Many restaurants are divided into the first floor, second floor and third floor. The in-house, as well as out-house facilities and services of these restaurants related to food, are all very amazing. Without any ado let’s dive right into it. 

1. Avelo Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the most entertaining district restaurants. It has a very inviting and pleasant atmosphere. They offer a superb wine list to order from. This restaurant is based on a “plant more” theme

The menu here in Avelo Restaurant is awesome and fantastically curated by its well-known chef. It changes every day and includes nut-free cheese, dairy-free products and many more.

Courtesy: Avelo Restaurnat

2. Pinky’s Ca Phe

Pinky’s Cha Phe is present on the first floor of the converted house. Here your wish for the best Vietnamese cuisine prepared under the surveillance of an expert chef comes true.

I would recommend you to have yellowfin tuna, chilis, cilantro, broccoli, fried rice and surf clams if you want to try the signature dishes.

3. Canoe Restaurant

If you want to enjoy your meal with the CN Tower view during your meal, Canoe Restaurant is what you’ll be heading for.

Courtesy: Canoe Restaurant

The food scene and everything here is perfect and up to date. Most dishes available on the menu are simple with a very pleasant taste.

The favourite dishes include pink peppercorn, rhubarb, duck breast and parsnip.

4. Oji Seichi Restaurant

Oji Seichi is a popular place among people of all age groups. Along with the fantastic menu, this restaurant also offers mouth-watering desserts – available in various flavours and in various textures which most people like.

The famous dishes of this restaurant are coco pie, noodles dishes and many more. A visit to this eatery is a must-do thing during your stay in Toronto. 

5. Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto is the heaven of Italian dishes. The Italian dishes offered here are unbeatable in the whole of Toronto. This restaurant is having very pleasant and vibrant environment.

Courtesy: Sotto Sotto

The chefs are well-trained and experts in their work. The maximum time taken for any dish to get prepared in this restaurant is almost 40 minutes even the seafood.

In September when the Toronto International Festival takes place, the restaurant is decorated in multicolour. It lightens up to the fullest to match the vibe of the festival.

6. Pukka Restaurant

If you are looking for an Indian cuisine restaurant with a variety of Indian cuisine, prepared with utmost care and passion, then Pukka Restaurant is the one for you. Dinesh Butola Chief is the head of the food department in Pukka restaurant.

This restaurant offers some tasty Indian cuisine. The food offered here includes shiitake, sliced panner, cloves, cumin and many more flavours. Besides this, the staffs here are very attentive, and you are sure to enjoy eating at this place. 

You will find many cuisines inspired by different parts of India. So ensure to pay a visit to this eatery, and try their delicious offered meals. 

7. Chubby’s Jamaican Restaurant

This is one of the best and most renowned Jamaican restaurants in Toronto. I would recommend coconut fish and burgers along with other dishes including jerk chicken and many more. However, there are many other offered dishes here, which can suit your taste buds.

Courtesy: Chubby’s Restaurant

But, if you are not sure which dish to try, then you can also ask the staff or the chef here, for their recommendations. They will surely choose the best dish for you from Chubby’s Jamaican Restaurant menu. 

Furthermore, the special thing about jerk chicken is, it takes four days to get prepared. First, the bird gets brined for almost twenty-four hours and then dried and rubbed. The chicken is left to get dried before being barbecued.

8. Constantine Restaurant

This restaurant is working 24*7 hours, all night and all day. This place is located in a brand-renovated and modified buzzworthy short hallway.

Constantine Restaurant is perfect and suitable for dates – if you want to impress anyone then this is a must-visit place as it has a very vibrant and amazing environment. You can also do some business meetings here. Due to its calm and cool environment, any kind of meeting is possible. 

Courtesy: Constantineto Restaurant

9. Grey Gardens Restaurant

This restaurant is the perfect place to spend some time with your loved ones. They have all the facilities of your comfort. Not to mention the special discounts for their premium customers, their menu is having all types of cuisines including Canadian, Chinese and Indian.

Grey Garden’s dish’s ingredients are of very high quality and top class, which gives the food an original and unique texture and flavour. They have their hand-crafted plates, in which the food is served.

This restaurant also has a wine bar with premium wines. At this, you can bring your dates and friends to hang out the whole night. The wine list is also perfectly curated by the heads over here. You can also find out some of the imported wines, which are sure to suit your tastebuds. 

10. Bar Raval

It is a pintxo bar featuring small appetizers to share, a selection of cocktails, beer, wine, and fortified, with Barcelona-inspired decor.

Bar Raval is popular and famous for its bustling and warm environment. The dining room facilities present at this place attracted many people. It has a modest environment which makes this place a supper calm place for relaxing. 

Not to mention their hard drinks list, you are sure to find some of the top-notch drinks from their menu along with some partners to drink with you. So, try not to miss this bar, while you are staying in Toronto. 

Courtesy: Bar Raval

11. Dreyfus Restaurant

This is the perfect hub for a foodie person. This restaurant is part of the Montreal party house. Dreyfus restaurant offers french cuisine with a very cool dance floor. So, you can not only enjoy your meal here, but you can also make some moves on the dance floor. 

This cozy and fashionable French restaurant, housed in a brick-row house, offers comfort food and natural wines. Ensure, to pay a visit to this restaurant, and try their dishes from the perfectly curated menu. Seek out the waiters for the best dish recommendations. 

12. Dailo Restaurant

Dailo Restaurant offers many signature dishes which invite and attract people. These signature dishes are trendy not only in Toronto but worldwide. People from other states and countries just visit Toronto, to try their famous signature dishes for once in their lives.

Courtesy: Dailo Restaurant

The menu here includes fried trout, pumpkin dumplings, slaw, jellyfish and crowdpleasers. The flavours of these dishes are blended beautifully. They are perfectly overlooked by the head chefs here, which makes their dishes tastier. 

Every customer is valued with an open heart in this place. The services provided here are very relevant according to the customer’s needs. They also have discounts for their premium and regular customers.

13. Donna’s Restaurant

If you want to eat some tasty homemade food, then you must try this place. They offer original homemade cooked food with great taste to their customers. Donna’s restaurant was started by a trio of Momofuku.

This place is cool and welcoming for all age groups. The menu at this place is not permanent, it keeps on changing with the seasons and customers’ demands. Ensure, to eat some of its seasonal dishes, and do not forget to rate them. This will motivate them to invent more dishes and bring them to your services. 

14. Honest Weight Restaurant

This restaurant also offers great and tasty seafood. The food is prepared in totally hygienic conditions, maintaining al the safety precautions. So, if you are looking for some exceptionally good hygenic restaurant, then you are already at one of them.

Courtesy: Honest Weight Restaurant

Honest Weight Restaurant, is ready to serve you their dishes, which are perfectly prepared by the head chef’s here. However, if you do not know, what food to try here, then you might as well ask the staffs here for some recommendations. 

The menu of this restaurant is very long and contains many different types of dishes inspired from different parts of the world. Not to mention the staffs here are very attentive and helpful, but the ambiance here is also very cozy and relaxing. 

15. Sushi Masaki

Sushi Masaki restaurant offers a variety of Canadian dishes and sea foods. They offer some complimentary drinks. The staff here is also very pleasing and friendly.

This restaurant is the first choice for people who are looking for a restaurant having a formal environment for meetings and business chit-chat.

Final Note

We talked about the kinds of cuisines which are available in these 15 best Toronto restaurants. Each of them has a mouth-watering and heart-welcoming menu, and every dish is prepared with a lot of perfection and love by the expert chefs and their respective staff members. Let us known in the comment, which one turned out to be your favorite restaurant. 


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I am an avid traveller. I have visited many beautiful spots worldwide. I love to write articles related to my visits, with a master's in Biotechnology. I love to read J.K. Rowling and visit popular and offbeat places worldwide. I have walked through many best travel secrets, which helped me do various research related to travel blogs.

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