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25 Cool Things to do in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, making it the best tourist attraction to visit in North America. Toronto, Canada is easy to navigate as all the popular attractions are located within walking distance. There are many cool things to do in Toronto. One can enjoy the parks and beaches in summers and during winters, use the underground walkways to reach your destinations. Toronto, Canada is also connected through a subway system for long distances.

When visiting Toronto, Canada, one can enjoy a wide variety of cool activities such as visits to museums, aquariums, art galleries, science centre markets, and parks to name a few. There are many Toronto attractions one shouldn’t miss but some of the top tourist attractions include the Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, CN Tower, Niagara falls, and many more cool things to do in Toronto.

Cool Things to do in Toronto

1. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum

Cool things to do in Toronto
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If you want to love to indulge in history, then the Royal Ontario Museum is a must-visit place. It takes you on the journey of historic and pre-historic times. You can see pieces from first-century Japan and dinosaur bones too.

The Royal Ontario Museum showcases art, culture, and history from all around the globe. This is Canada’s largest museum with millions of pieces which gives you a glimpse of the fast making of the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

Visitors can enjoy the permanent collection of fossils, antiquities, minerals, and gems. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions representing Canadian artists as well as international ones too.

2. Walkthrough the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
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How can one miss the aquatic experience at Ripley’s Aquarium when in Toronto? The aquarium is located in downtown Toronto at the base of the CN tower. It is one of the must-visit places when in Toronto as one can experience 20,000 aquatic animals in nine galleries. The tunnel has more than 5.7 million litres of water, making it the longest underwater viewing tunnel in North America and its visit a must on the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

3. Look at the CN Tower

CN Tower
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How can one come to Toronto and miss a visit to CN Tower? One of the iconic monuments of North America, a visit to CN Tower should be on the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

One of the world’s tallest towers and more than 1,800 feet high, the CN tower gives you spectacular views from the glass floor. CN Tower Lookout level or the glass floor gives breathtaking views from the top. The 360 restaurant at the CN tower is a must-visit where you can try Canadian cuisine and satisfy your tastebuds.

4. Enjoy the Beauty of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
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The breathtaking view of Niagara falls cannot be missed even if you have seen it on the US side. It is located 80 miles south on the other side of Lake Ontario. The views are so spectacular that one cannot get enough of them. You can enjoy the view from the top through the table rock site at the edge of Horseshoe Falls.

If you are a wine-lover and enjoy wine tours then, Niagara falls are the best place as it is one of Canada’s top wine areas. Other activities include venturing on bike trails and cycling tours. One might get wet a lot when venturing these falls, but waterfalls are for that only. Hence, Niagara falls make it to the list of cool things to do when in Toronto.

5. Explore The Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario
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To look over the finest of arts, one must visit The Art Gallery of Ontario because it features an amazing collection. Featuring 95,000 works, it is one of the biggest art galleries in North America.

The art gallery showcases works by famous artists such as  Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. One can find Canadian and Inuit indigenous artwork, along with European and contemporary art as well as paintings by the iconic Group of Seven visiting the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

6. Observe the Beauty of the Toronto Islands

Consisting of 4 islands, Toronto Islands is a must-visit with family and kids as it has exciting trails, children’s rides, and beaches. One can enjoy a ferry ride through Lake Ontario to reach the islands.

Centre Island is the most popular among all. The Toronto islands also have Ward’s island which is popular for its scenic beauty and is also a must-visit. Ward’s Island is famous for serving flatbreads and burgers.

On a good weather day, one can enjoy the Toronto skyline from the ferry terminal on Ward Island. Toronto’s skyline is worth a watch. With cottages, a view of beautiful sailboats, and a cute cafe on the beach, a visit to the Toronto islands makes up the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

Centre island has the Centreville Amusement Park which has many children’s rides. Other attractions at Centre island include a lighthouse, a small farm, a maze, and many more. If you are bored of Centre Island, you can head north to check out Canada’s Wonderland instead.

7. Make a Visit to Casa Loma

Casa Loma
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If you love the enchanting view of a castle and would love to explore its inside, then Casa Loma is the best place to visit. A visit to this majestic castle is a must on the list of cool things in Toronto.

Casa Loma is rich in history and characterized by Gothic Revival architecture, the tour of the castle is self-guided along with multimedia audio guides to tell you more while taking a look through the castle.

8. Shop in Toronto Markets

When one travels to a place, visiting the famous markets of that area is a must. Visit markets such as Lawrence market and Kensington market and give them a place on the list of cool things to do when in Toronto.

(a) Lawrence Market

If you want to make a stop at the market for fresh produce, baked goods, and tasty eats then Lawerence food Market is a must-visit. Making a place in the list of cool things to do in Toronto, the Lawrence market has over 200 vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, and whatnot. Hence, visiting this market is one of the cool things to do in Toronto.

Another fact about the market is it has been named the world’s best food market by National Geographic. Even though one might visit many markets in Toronto, visiting the Lawrence market is a must.

(b) Kensington Market

If you are up to enjoying a bohemian vibe then, Kensington Market is for you. One can enjoy beautiful cafes, delicious Mexican cuisine, old vintage stores, record shops, and amazing vegan joints to eat in Kensington Market.

You can enjoy a multicultural tour in just one neighbourhood of the city as this area is home to the culture of various places such as Ireland, Scotland, China, and Africa. All of these flavours of different cultures can be seen in the Kensington market making its visit to the list of cool things to do in Toronto. One can find any cuisine to try when in Kensington Market.

9. Embrace the Beauty of Nature in Toronto Botanical Garden

If you love a visit to the garden and enjoy plant life, then Toronto Botanical Garden is for you. Opened more than 60 years ago, the garden is a hub for various plant varieties belonging to 17 different gardens. The garden is one of the cool things to do in Toronto.

On a walk, you can see perennials, hedges, fruit trees, and various others making its visit a must in a list of cool things to do in Toronto. You can spend some time in the lovely green space to end the day trip.

10. Spend Best Time in Distillery District

How can you enjoy a visit to a place without checking out the best pubs to enjoy a drink and experience the nightlife? To ensure that you don’t miss the vibe, visit Ontario’s best tourist attractions-Distillery District. Filled with Victorian Industrial buildings, art galleries, cool shops, and highly talked about restaurants and coffee shops, a visit to Distillery District is a must on the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

Another thing not to be missed here is the annual Toronto Christmas Market. One can enjoy food in Distillery District from places like Mill St. Brewery and El Catrin. Shoppers can visit Crimson & Clover, Hatley, and Red Canoe.

11. Learn About Hockey in The Hockey Hall of Fame

To all the sports lovers especially hockey lovers out there, the Hockey Hall of Fame is a must-visit for you. Located in downtown Toronto, on a visit one can learn about Hockey, its history as a sport, and the well-known personalities associated with it.

On a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, one can attend the hockey championship if possible or see the Stanley Cup Trophy. When visiting the hockey hall, one can enjoy a film at the TSN theatre, making it to the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

12. Know the Story Behind Every Shoe in Bata Shoe Museum

Want to know the story behind every shoe? It would help if you visit the Bata Shoe Museum which showcases the world’s largest collections of shoes and other related products. The museum makes people aware of the history of shoes and the process and what all goes behind its making through various displays in the museum.

It also provides knowledge of the relevance of footwear in every culture, making it very fascinating to learn about, and making it a popular tourist attraction. When in Toronto, one must visit the Bata Shoe museum making it to the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

13. Enjoy Toronto International Film Festival

If you are in Toronto during September, then you shouldn’t miss the Toronto International film festival where you will be able to see good films of varied genres according to your interest as the festival has something for everyone. Films range from Hollywood blockbusters to independent foreign films.

One will not only find Canadian cinema but also cinema from all over the world visiting the festival is a must on the list of cool things to do in Toronto. If missed, one can visit the TIFF theatre as it showcases fan favourites throughout the year.

14. Spend Family Time in Trinity Bellwoods Park

Even though Toronto is a cool city, during the summers Trinity Bellwood’s park is a must-visit as one can enjoy the sun. Being dog-friendly, the park located in Queens west witnesses so many people during summer, making it one of the top tourist attractions. One can enjoy the green space for a few hours at the park making it an overall satisfying experience that also makes it a cool thing to do in Toronto.

15. Have an Extraordinary Experience at Nathan Phillips Square

Nathan Phillips Square
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Located in front of Toronto’s iconic city hall building, this public rink is one of the best among all the public rinks in Toronto. One can enjoy the skating rink day and night with family and friends during winter along with the Toronto sign which is a must to click Instagram worth pictures. One must visit Nathan Phillips square in front of the city hall to enjoy the day because it is one of the cool things to do in Toronto.

16. Spend a Day in Yonge Dundas Square

One should visit this popular gathering spot to sit and relax, enjoying the dancing fountains and summer concerts. In the evening, one can enjoy the flashing neon signs giving a fun and exciting vibe. Don’t forget to get into the nearby restaurants as you will get many varieties having nice patios. This place is famous among the locals and comes on the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

17. Explore Aga Khan Museum

If you want to indulge in the history of Muslim civilizations and their contributions, then the Aga khan museum is for you. It has a nice well laid-out collection showcasing the Muslim artistic, intellectual, and scientific accomplishments towards the world heritage.

It also features the 1,000-piece permanent collection, which is the highlight of the museum. The museum also holds rotating exhibitions and special events. One can spend a nice 2 hours here to see a wide variety of ancient artefacts, visiting the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

18. Enhance your Knowledge in Science and Technology at Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre
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For the science and technology lovers out there, the Ontario science centre is for you. One can come here with kids as they would enjoy the wonders of science. It is known as one of the first interactive science museums in the world. From wildlife and nature to our solar system and beyond it covers a wide range of scientific topics.

Many tourists visit Toronto every year for a glimpse of the Ontario Science Center because of the interactive experiences about science and technology held there. Tickets are allotted to visitors 30 minutes before each time slot.

19. Shop at CF Toronto Eaton Centre

CF Toronto Eaton Centre is a large and famous shopping mall in the middle of the downtown area of the city. It is located at 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1, Canada. CF Toronto Eaton Centre is a 2-minute walk from the queen station and a 5-minute walk from Dundas station. Through a Facebook account, Twitter account, and email address you can avail free wi-fi at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre.

The Hudson Bay is connected to the CF Toronto Eaton Centre via a modern-styled sky bridge over Queen west. The mall has well-known companies in it including H&M, Samsung store, apple store, indigo books, and music which makes it one of the cool things to do in Toronto.

20. Look at the Art of Graffiti Alley

Graffiti alley is an important location in the history of Toronto’s legal street art gallery located at Toronto Canada, M5V 2W1. The street art at the graffiti alley has a legal painting exhibition, the event is often known as Style in Progress which also includes Chinese-bound foot shoes.

The Graffiti alley is the best picture-perfect location in Toronto. It is known as Rush Lane by the locals and is a favourite cool thing to do in Toronto.

21. Soothen your Soul by Sitting next to the Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario
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It is one of the five great lakes of North America which has 1,145 kilometres of beautiful shoreline. The main feeder of the lake is the Niagara falls river including other rivers such as the Black River from the south, Trent river from the north, and many more.

This lake has a mean depth of 283 feet and its deepest point is 802 feet. Cool things to do around the lake include Wellesley Island State Park, Antique Boat Museum, Lake Side Beach Park, Derby Hill Bird Observatory, and similar places. Enjoy the utterly amazing Greek food along the lakeside.

22. Walk Around The Toronto Island Park

Toronto Island Park is the best destination for all age groups to enjoy the beautiful beaches, nature paths, boating marina, kayak rentals, and amusement parks. To splash around in a kayak one can find rental shops on Toronto island.

The Park consists of four main islands and the area around the Jack Layton ferry terminal which is located on the city side of the harbour and can experience one of the cool things to do in Toronto. You can enjoy the beauty of Toronto Island Park with a hands-free walk.

23. Spend Your Evening in Entertainment District

Entertainment District
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The Entertainment District is the perfect location for those who love spending evenings with a sparkle of different types of performing arts and music. There are several cool things to do in Toronto in the entertainment district including visiting the Hockey hall of fame, Rogers Cente, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, and enjoying the Toronto light festival.

One can experience lavishing nightlife of the city and can find some of the city’s best bars, restaurants, theatres, and hotels.

24. Take Your Children to Toronto Zoo

The Toronto zoo is home to 5,000 animals representing over 500 species. It is one of the largest zoos in Canada including animals such as lions, giraffes, tigers, penguins, and others. It is divided into seven geographic regions; the Canadian Domain, Africa, Australasia, The Americans, Indo-Malaya, Eurasia, and the Tundra Trek.

The zoo can be explored through the Scenic Safari Drive-Thru or within one-way walking distance. Encompassing 287 hectares the Toronto zoo protects wildlife and wild spaces.

This place is much more crowded on Saturday nights and Sundays. It is also perfect for day trips and is an amazingly enjoyable place for all age groups. High Park zoo is another famous zoo in Canada written in Toronto Written. Thereby, it comes on the list of cool things to do in Toronto.

25. Visit the Winter Garden Theatre

Winter Garden Theatre
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Winter Garden Theatre is located at 189 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B, Canada. The Theatre is ultimately a unique botanical rooftop garden that blooms every year round. It is owned by the Shubert Organization comprising 1,526 seats across two levels. The Theatre was built in 1913 for vaudeville, which has two separate stages stacked on top of each other.

In addition, this theatre hosts over 200 events a season including professional-level theatre, dance, music and films.

The Bottom Line

The city of Toronto is alluringly and highly spirited, offering amazing live performances to the people visiting Toronto from different parts of the world. Toronto being the most lively city has many famous attractions. It welcomes thousands and thousands of visitors every year, therefore, it is one of the most popular cities in Canada. The cool things to do in Toronto have always been a major attraction for people around the world.

Toronto is an amazing city to explore some beautiful places. If you are planning a trip to Toronto this is your chance to make it worthwhile. It is full of green spaces, from Queen park to the 400-acre high park and its trails. You can also visit 23 awesome things to do in Toronto at night.

Advance book your stay, air tickets, and tourist attractions to avoid the chances of missing anything during your vacations. Also, don’t forget to enjoy some cheap and free things when you visit the city of Toronto. Hope this article will help you to make your holidays in Toronto memorable.

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