13 Spots To Have The Best Oysters in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver enjoys a dazzling variety of the freshest & tastiest seafood due to the vibrant melting pot of many ethnicities that is its coastal culture. Due to its fish-rich waterways, communities have the type of eateries that both locals and visitors frequent all year long, offering anything from traditional fish and chips and also the Best Oysters in Vancouver.

Read on to see which restaurants in the city serve the greatest oysters, whether you want to eat these slimy, salty, bite-sized gourmet delights plain or topped with everything.

It follows that Vancouver’s obsession with oysters for cocktail hour or as a component of a seafood feast is not surprising.

Here are the Best Oysters in Vancouver Restaurants, regardless of whether you adore oysters or are just curious about their divine flavor.

1. Fanny Bay Oyster Bar

The renowned seafood restaurant Fanny Bay Oyster Bar is located in downtown Vancouver just a few blocks from the Chinatown Skytrain station. They have been known for their top-notch, fresh shellfish that have originated from their farms for four decades. Here you will find the Best Oysters in Vancouver.

Everything on the list is boosted to the next degree of deliciousness at the restaurant because it only employs fresh products and sustainable aquaculture. On the menu, you can order the restaurant’s famous Fanny Bay, Sun Seeker, and Kusshi oysters.

But alongside their fresh oysters, their paella and clam chowder has a special place in our hearts. These two outstanding dishes are expertly prepared to enchant everybody who sees them. You’re in for a seafood feast with exquisite taste and beautiful visuals.

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar is the spot for you if you’re seeking a location that offers everything. Fanny Bay has you covered if you want to have a lively brunch, a quick lunch on the go, an evening out with your friends, or even a romantic supper with that special someone.

Try the grilled oysters or the sablefish collars. The West Coast Bouillabaisse, a feast of Lim cod, manilla clams, potatoes, shaved fennel, and olive oil toast with a rouille spread, is something we highly recommend. The mussels and clams are also very wonderful.

2. Chewies Oyster Bar

Additionally, if you’re looking for something entertaining, try their oyster tasting and shucking lessons using their skilled shuckers! Chewies Oyster Bar pledged to provide comfort food and welcoming service while maximizing the warm and inviting ambiance of their humble restaurant.

Owner Chewies, who merely wanted to create cuisine he loved to eat at a place he wanted to be, was the catalyst for everything. He had yet to learn that this clear vision would eventually become one of Vancouver’s top seafood restaurants. Actually, there are two—one in Coal Harbor and one in Kits.

Although Chewies’ menu is full of inventive dishes, its shucked oysters, & fried chicken stand out in particular. Chewies offers you the Best Oysters in Vancouver.

Fresh oysters are served with a mignonette of red wine, horseradish, and lemon, which elevates the flavor of the shellfish to orgasmic joy.

There is usually a great selection of fresh oysters from the West & East Coasts available at Chewies, whether they are steamed or served naked. Ask the staff whether oysters are fresh on the day you stop by, as the selection changes daily.

Diners on a budget searching for a fantastic price should pay special attention to Chewies’ Happy Hour.

Their thick-cut, fried calamari is dipped into a unique cucumber-jalapeno sauce for an incredible explosion of flavors. You should also sample their renowned fried chicken & cheese grits, which are made with white meat that is overflowing with honey butter & creamy grits.

3. Rodney’s Oyster

The next establishment on the list is a seafood haven in Vancouver that has routinely provided oyster connoisseurs with the tastiest shellfish in town. The must-have items on their menu are unquestionably their fresh seafood options, which are among a long variety of other local cuisines.

Whether in Yaletown or Gastown, Rodney’s outstanding cuisine and attentive service never let you down. Bring a buddy who hasn’t tried oysters before, and they’ll leave wanting more.

Rodneys Oyster
Image from Rodney Oyster

The low tide meal and a happy hour there are very popular. Profit from delicious raw seafood specialties at a reduced cost. However, go early because the lineups might be very long.

Rodney gives you the long-lasting taste of the Best Oysters in Vancouver. You must taste Rodney’s take on fish and chips; you will soon remember this common dish turned specialty!

Also, pay attention to their seafood spaghetti! Every pasta lover’s heart & eyes flutter with joy as they watch different fish dance in a distinctive house sauce.

Everything is in the name. Indeed, a wide variety of oysters from the Sunshine Coast & Washington state, as well as from the waters surrounding Vancouver Island & Prince Edward Island, are available at Rodney’s Oyster House.

Professional oyster shuckers plate the oysters for Rodney’s, which also offers a variety of house-made sauces, ranging from the wonderfully sweet to the quick-pass-me-a-drink scorching.

4. Harbour Fresh Oysters

Are you looking for a fantastic location to purchase the freshest seafood? Shellfish meals that are flavorful and aromatic can be ordered at Harbour Oyster + Bar on Commercial Drive.

The best time to go, as with other seafood restaurants on the strip, is during happy hour, which runs from 11 AM to 5 PM. However, anticipate getting a different treatment. Due to its superior service, creatively created menus, and use of fresh ingredients, Harbour Oyster is at the top of the oyster food chain.

They have baked oyster Rockefeller and lobster poutine, two delectable delicacies that have tantalized every palate that has tried them. While Harbour’s mussels are excellent when served raw, the white wine garlic sauce that goes with them is very delicious.

5. Papi’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

Papi’s Seafood & Oyster Bar is fantastic in every way—it has a great location, incredible food, a welcoming staff, and stunning views. Enjoy your choice of seafood on their outside patio to the fullest while taking in the views of the picturesque promenade in front & English Bay in the back.

Due to the chef at Papi’s, be ready to go wild (in a good way) over their happy hour oysters. Don’t like surprises? We’ve got you. Take advantage of their seafood boil, which features a delectable mix of lobster, fish, prawns, mussels, and other sea produce that has been perfectly prepared with miso glaze.

Papi Oyster
Image from Papi Oyster

There’s more to Papi’s than just fish! It would help if you tried their Angus beef burger, which has a succulent patty surrounded by cheese, tomato, aioli, and other delicious ingredients.

6. Boulevard Kitchen

Boulevard Kitchen, run by the renowned and award-winning chefs Chef Alex & Chef Roger, is the perfect location for both special and everyday occasions. The restaurant is one of the most well-known upmarket locations for special occasions because of its popular intimate fine dining experience for anniversaries and birthdays.

Their fresh, delectable, and reasonably priced local oysters are unquestionably the highlight of their menu. We are unable to fully express how tasty this straightforward dish is.

But everything else is equally delicious, especially their sablefish, scallops, seafood linguine, and beef carpaccio. Once you use them, you’ll understand why we’re shouting these four’s praises.

However, these mouthwatering clues will make you lose your composure: the herb mayonnaise in the carpaccio, the perfectly roasted kelp, the vinegar spaetzle that pairs with the scallops, and the creamy linguine sauce.

7. Blue Water Cafe

Blue Water Cafe is a shellfish enthusiast’s paradise, offering the greatest views of bustling Yaletown through its huge, clear windows. The restaurant serves both regional specialties and foreign cuisine enhanced by Canadian influences. There’s a reason it’s regarded as one of the top seafood establishments!

The head chef of Blue Water Cafe, Frank Pabst, and his team of artisans present their inventive interpretation of the Seafood Tower in addition to their superb Unsung Heroes menu, which features wild coast cuisine involved in an epic tale of delicious deliciousness.

A seafood lover’s paradise and the ideal location for a classy night out, Blue Water Cafe features live tanks, a raw bar, & seafood on ice. It is also one of the city’s most renowned seafood restaurants. With the best seafood dishes created with love, attention, and flare, this renowned seafood restaurant is known around the world.

Try some Sablefish, Yellowfin Tuna, or Halibut Tataki. Order some fresh oysters and ice-cold vodka, or try the Nigiri, Sashimi, or Rolls, all of which come with a tasty Tosa Shoyu sauce. Reward yourself with a special cocktail from the bar, or choose a wine from their extensive collection to combine with your meal.

8. Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

For everyone who wishes to enjoy the pleasures of foreign cuisine infused with local flavor, this seafood paradise, which is situated next to the Public Market and in the center of Granville Island, is a must-visit.

If there is one thing we must emphasize about Sandbar, it is their outdoor deck. We adore it so much that they made sure to include them on the list of the greatest patio eateries. As you sit on their terrace and take in the starry night sky, feast your eyeballs on a stunning show of metropolitan lights.

Seize the opportunity to treat yourself to crab cakes, seared arctic char, & fresh oysters. For a night to remember, place your fate in the god-tier hands of Master Chef Hoshi by ordering any sashimi or roll!

Sandbar- The Best Oysters in Vancouver
Image from Sandbar

A meal and a dance? The Sandbar is the place for you! Wear your dance shoes, grab your partner, and start moving. Take advantage of the lovely views of Yaletown & False Creek from their heated and covered terrace, or choose a cozier table on any of their 3 dining levels.

Try their Special Hoshi Roll, which is filled with tuna, unagi, Ebi, avocado, & unagi sauce, or the Tuna Bowl. Share a delicious seafood hot pot, some wok squid, or some mussels.

9. Coast

Coast by Glowbal Group is a well-known restaurant with A-list fare, outstanding service, and a great time. Get your fix of oysters right away, whether it’s for brunch, lunch, or dinner!

The restaurant is constantly busy with patrons who are eagerly waiting to sample this Coast’s signature dishes, so don’t be alarmed. The personnel is kind and efficient in managing the line.

A circular bar with a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, ornately decorated walls, lovely lighting, and hanging decorations can be found within. For a more private and exclusive eating experience, they even have private rooms. Enjoy the seafood tower, & seafood risotto at Coast. These three meals are just a few of the many reasons Vancouverites like this restaurant!

10. Oddfish

Speaking of weird, the first place on the list is a distinctive oyster sanctuary with a constantly changing menu. However, you can be sure that Oddfish Restaurant will take you on a crazy seafood adventure with sister establishments as popular as Nook and Tavola.

The menu doesn’t provide any dishes with meat. That demonstrates how assured they are in their delicious and inventive seafood fare.

They certainly practice what they preach! The greatest places in Vancouver to satisfy your appetite for succulent shellfish include Oddfish.

11. Ancora

Ancora is a terrific option for that informal lunch or dinner date, a fun night out with friends, or for being located just on the waterfront & providing great views of the Island, lovely interiors, top-notch service, and delectable seafood.

Start off with a tasty cocktail or some wines from the many options available. Try their hot sausage rolls, wonderful tacos with soft crab, and taglierini with sea urchins. The lobster & prawn risotto and the sablefish are both excellent choices for the main course.

12. Pink Peppercorn Seafood Restaurant

Pink Peppercorn Seafood House is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a casual restaurant where you can unwind and eat well. This inviting restaurant provides guests with first-rate service, a lovely setting, and superbly prepared west-style seafood.

Pink Peppercorn
Image from Pink Peppercorn

At this point, don’t think twice and order a feast for yourself! The San Francisco Style Mussels and the Calamari are both top-notch. Without a doubt, the best dish on the menu is their famous Salmon Wellington, which has a reputation for melting-in-your-mouth deliciousness.

13. Joe Fortes Seafood Restaurants

This Robson Street restaurant is high on our Ultimate Bucket List and practically everyone’s list of must-visit restaurants for foodies. Why? Considering that Joe Fortes is a historical landmark & an institution in and of itself.

This well-known restaurant, which is steeped in history, delivers some of the finest seafood on the Coast with flavors that will have you coming back for more.

Start off with a bowl of fresh, icy-cold oysters on the half-shell and a bowl of lobster bisque. Try their famous Fish & Chips or some Seafood oyster with seared giant scallops and prawns, clams, mussels, peas, & white wine cream sauce.

Last Note

That concludes our list of Best Oysters in Vancouver, where you may indulge in oysters with gusto. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the many restaurants in the city. However, if you’re interested in seafood other than shellfish, take a look at our selection of seafood restaurants.


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Ayaz Pathan is an experienced writer and knows what it takes to be a successful article marketer and a competent writer—pursuing graduation from Chandigarh University—currently working as a content writer and editor(part-time)—developing a career in Blogging and content writing and seeking future opportunities.

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