11 Cute Cafes in Toronto

cute cafes in Toronto
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Toronto is a fabulous city filled with cute cafes all around the corner. The city has so many cafes to hang-out and relax over a cup of coffee. Who doesn’t like a warm cozy place to chill with their friends or partners sipping on a delicious cup of coffee?

At the end of a stressful work schedule, all people ever want is a peaceful getaway from all the chaos that surrounds us. And what better way than hanging out at some of the cute cafes in Toronto?

It is hard to pick and choose the best of something that is in abundance. Toronto is undoubtedly one of the best places that offer a wide variety of cafes that are aesthetically pleasing with its unique interiors, amazing coffee, delicious pastries and baked goods.

Cute Cafes in Toronto

1. Rooster Coffee House

Rooster coffee house is one of the best coffee shops in Toronto with its unique setting and amazing atmosphere. The café is situated in three locations which makes it easily accessible if you are in or around the city.

The topmost thing which makes Rooster coffee house stand out is its choice of location. The café gives out a very homely experience to every customer with a huge patio out front overlooking the beautiful scenic views of Riverdale Park.

The coffee shop offers a wide range of delicious freshly brewed coffees like latte, cappuccino, macchiato, espresso drinks and a variety of scrumptious delights like their banana chocolate chip, blueberry danish, peanut butter chocolate oat bars and lip-smacking walnut cookies.

Rooster coffee house is one of the very few coffee shops that offer a great deal of soy-free, gluten-free and vegan options like the chocolate oatmeal cookie, salted dark chocolate doughnut, cinnamon buns, and M-Bars which are locally sourced goods. It is highly recommended that you try the carrot cake and the pumpkin muffins.

The café has an exceptionally friendly service serving freshly brewed coffee with tempting sweets and baked goods. The café provides a takeout option too. It is a perfect dog-friendly cafe to chill and have a great time with your pals. They even provide free dog biscuits for your puppy.

If you are looking for a cute cafe with healthy breakfast and lunch options, Rooster coffee house is the one for you. Its locations are 479 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON, 343 King Street East, Toronto, ON and 568 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON.

2. Jimmy’s Coffee

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Jimmy’s coffee located in queen street west is one of the cutest cafes located in the west end of Toronto serving high-quality coffee. The coffee is made in a traditional Italian style and served in a cup with its signature yellow lid.

The coffee shop is spread over 8 locations. Each has its unique interiors and ambience. They also have a lovely patio. The cafe is decorated beautifully with bookshelves, magnificent antiques and pictures of all the well-known Jimmy’s.

The best part about this café is that they serve premium quality coffee at reasonable prices. So, it is a great place to hang out, drink amazing coffee and relax with a book.

Though there is spacious seating, it still gets pretty filled up because of its popularity. So if you plan on visiting this cute cafe, either visit during weekdays or just prepare to stand in a long queue.

The café near trinity bellwoods park has delicious vegan and gluten-free delights like the lemon poppy seed loaf and choco chip cookies. You must also try the lip-smacking butter tarts.

There is a wide variety of breakfast options like vegan blueberry and coconut overnight oats, Greek yoghurt with toasted granola, and matcha chia pudding.

The staff is very accommodating and patient with your orders even whilst being very busy. They put their effort into giving you the best service. There is also free wifi available making it a perfect spot to sip your coffee and read your emails! Its location is 191 Baldwin St, Kensington Market, Toronto, ON.

3. Versus Coffee

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

Versus coffee is one of the cute cafes in Toronto having unique and modern interiors with a beautiful patio that can accommodate plenty of people. The coffee shop is set up in a great location with ample seating. They provide both outdoor and indoor seating making it a very spacious spot to sit down and relax while sipping on a great coffee.

They partner with local roasters and suppliers to gain a sense of community while supporting small businesses. The staff here is very patient and attentive to all your needs. Versus Coffee focuses on quality. They make high-quality beverages and desserts that make you come back for more. It is one of the best coffee shops in Toronto city.

They make amazing mocha, cappuccino and flavoured lattes like rainbow latte, along with a wide variety of tea like herbal and green teas. They have also launched their signature wellness drinks like The Revive, Immune and detox lattes with no food colouring and 100% natural and healthy.

They have the best avocado toast full of flavours and well portioned along with amazing breakfast sandwiches, bagels and nutritious smoothies. Even with spacious seating, the cafe is fully packed and rightly so. As it is one of the cute cafes in Toronto serving both coffee and looks. Its location is 70 Adelaide St East, Toronto, ON.

4. Library Specialty Coffee

Photo by Kirsten Drew on Unsplash

Library specialty coffee located in queen street west is a cozy library-themed cafe named after the Toronto Public Library. It is known to be one of the cute cafes in Toronto.

The quality and taste of the coffee here are top-notch. It is one of the cute cafes in Toronto where you will get a delicious cup of coffee with a perfect balance of bitterness and acidity, as all coffees should be!

The library specialty coffee nearby trinity bellwoods park is well known for its coffee beans. You can buy them and taste their deliciousness. They serve amazing espresso-based and pour-over coffees. This cute cafe is not just great at its coffee game, they also sell amazing baked goods that will surely steal your heart.

It is often the quality that attracts people, not quantity. Though the cafe is very well known for its quality baked goods and great coffee, the seating is very limited. It is best as a grab-and-go cafe. The cafe has an excellent staff who knows how to satisfy each customer’s orders according to what they prefer. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.

This modern cafe has wifi and is located in a clean and peaceful environment. It is the best place to grab a cup of coffee while you are on the way to work.

The minimalist cafe with plants hanging makes it very aesthetically appealing. It is an Aussie-themed Cafe selling its well-known cappuccino, iced latte, flat white, iced mocha and other espresso drinks along with a wide variety of delicious cookies.

There are two locations for this amazing cafe. They are 281 Dundas St West, Toronto, ON and 917 Queen St West, Toronto, ON.

5. Fika Cafe

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Fika cafe is one of the cute cafes in Toronto city located in Kensington market. The cafe is the perfect cozy spot for every book lover with minimalist interiors and a whole wall fully dedicated to old book pages.

The name of this cafe is derived from Swedish which translates to “coffee break”. The cafe is a perfect getaway from the routine of ordinary life to fully relax with exceptionally great coffee, homemade pastries and a great book. You must opt for the outdoor seating on the backyard patio to fully experience this magic.

This coffee shop is undoubtedly one of the cosiest and instagrammable cafés in Toronto serving delicious coffee and scrumptious baked goods. There are a variety of coffees here like the Fika iced coffee, Cardamom spiced latte and mocha. The delicious baked goods list from the signature cinnamon buns a.k.a Kanelbulle to the lip-smacking Semla.

All the baked goodies are made to perfection, and you must grab them quickly as they are only in limited stock. The cafe has indoor seating and take-out options. It Is a great place to hang out with your friends having quick and friendly service. If you are a student with a valid identity card, you can even avail of a discount of 15% on your orders.

This coffee shop has a nice patio at the back where you can experience a peaceful vibe. There is also free wifi available so you can work while waiting for your daily caffeine fix While you are at Kensington area, don’t miss out to also try the best restaurants in Kensington Market. The address of this cafe is 28 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON.

6. Neo Coffee Bar

Neo coffee bar is a Japanese-inspired cafe located away from downtown Toronto designed with spacious seating arrangements and beautiful decor. The aesthetic and modern set-up of the cafe makes it one of the cute cafes in Toronto to hang out with your squad.

Since the cafe is Japanese inspired, the menu includes several items with Japanese ingredients. One such Japanese delight is the Maple Kinako Latte. It is made with organic milk, soybean powder or Kinako, and maple syrup.

This coffee shop is known to be one of the cute cafes in Toronto and provides a variety of menus and additional seasonal specialities. The fall special includes an Almond praline puff and pumpkin spice latte. Other well-known delicacies of neo coffee bar are croissants, choux, cookies and muffins.

Neo coffee bar serves an excellent match along with other coffee like flat white espresso drinks, Japanese green tea, and cold brew. They have their neo-blend coffee beans that are carefully prepared to perfection.

The cute cafe in Toronto city provides a great ambience to students and professionals or just anyone who simply wants to relax with a delicious cup of coffee. The cafe has easy access to the counter with ample seating.

Neo coffee bar has high-quality service with friendly and helpful staff. They also provide laptop-free and tablet-free timings on holidays to free up space for coffee lovers so they can accommodate themselves. But they do provide free wifi.

Neo coffee bar is one the cutest cafes in Toronto with stylish and minimalist interiors. It is quite a different experience than any other traditional cafe in Toronto city and you must stop by to witness it. Its address is161 Frederick St, Unit 100, Toronto, ON.

7. Tandem Coffee

Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

Tandem coffee is one of the cute cafes in Toronto city with aesthetic and stylish decor. The café has a quirky vibe, and it is a must-visit coffee shop to have a great coffee with some deliciously baked goods.

The decor is very interesting with a wooden touch of benches and tables with white interiors and there is a wall filled with plants.

Tandem coffee offers a wide range of single-origin coffee blends. You can choose the most aromatic coffee beans to your liking and experience the real richness and quality of good coffee. Try their speciality drinks like the white and black sesame latte.

The café has some classic breakfast sandwiches and buttermilk biscuits that you must try. They also have sweet and savoury scones, seasonal pies and loaf cakes, chocolate cornmeal-fennel cookies, cheddar jalapeño biscuits and jam along with some local add-ons like brisket or chorizo.

They even take orders for large events. So, if you are looking for bulk orders on some delicious delights, Tandem coffee is your best pick.

The staff here is very helpful, super friendly, caring and knowledgeable. They take their time to educate people on different types of coffee beans and how they brew them. The baristas carefully brew each coffee to their liking with so much care and love.

If you are looking for a nice and cosy place to sip on your delicious cup of coffee while you study or work, Tandem coffee is the place for you. Its location is 368 King St. East, Toronto, ON.

8. Strange Love Coffee

Strange love coffee located in queen west is a mood-boosting cafe with a unique ambience filled with colours and flowers inside out. It is entirely different from the modern minimalistic interiors which makes it stand out from the rest.

This place is one of those Toronto cafes that is not just a coffee house. The owners of this cafe have combined unique and quirky things into one place and hence came the origin of the name. They have a mix of designs, music, plants and graphics all in one place.

It is one of the only mood-reflecting cafes in Toronto that offers a wide variety of natural healing tools and wellness focussed delights to enhance your mood. The cafe teamed up with health and science experts to bring up amazing wellness delights with mushrooms like plant-based gummies for energy, immunity, and multi-daily supplements.

They also have unique beverages with wellness benefits containing antioxidants and adaptogens that will keep you calm and relaxed.

The cafe offers breakfast, brunch and desserts. They have a simple and small menu with delicious puddings, pastries, varieties of salads, noodles and veg bowls at affordable rates. They have high-quality espresso drinks and other speciality drinks including vegan coffee.

This cosy and family-friendly coffee shop is one of the cute cafes in Toronto having wheelchair-accessible entrances and seating. This cafe also offers takeaway and dine-in services with amazing staff who are very friendly and knowledgeable.

They are one of the cute cafes in Toronto. The baristas have a strange way of preparing everything and hence have the words “Made with strange love” written everywhere. Its location is 101 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON

9. I Deal Coffee and Wine Bar

Photo by Alina Karpenko on Unsplash

I Deal Coffee and Wine bar is one of the cute cafes in Toronto combined with a wine bar. The charming and homely atmosphere will steal your heart. It is a small vintage-designed cafe with high ceilings and wooden pieces of furniture offering amazing food and drinks.

The coffee shop focuses more on sustainable agricultural practices and builds a sense of community. Their coffee is grown organically using natural farming practices to promote sustainability.

The whole cafe is decorated with empty wine bottles, and they offer a variety of specialty coffees, an amazing wine collection and baked delights. Gluten-free and vegan options are available for d goodies.

There are also a variety of beverages like drips, lattes, mists and tea along with seasonal speciality drinks like maple lattes and cold brew. They provide lip-smacking house-made snacks and meals like sandwiches, muffins, almond croissants and quesadillas. You must also try their ‘picnic foods’ like the olives that are marinated, cheese and other delicious spreads.

If you are into trying different varieties of wine, this is one of the must-visit, best coffee shops in Toronto. They have indoor and outdoor seating available with delivery and takeaway services. The staff makes this place great with its hospitable and welcoming approach. They are knowledgeable and prepare each order with so much love.

Overall, I Deal coffee is a great spot to hang out with your friends or loved ones over a delicious and flavourful cup of coffee and relax. Its location is 162 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON

10. Dineen Outpost

Photo by Stephan Coudassot on Unsplash

Dineen outpost located in Toronto’s east end is one of the most instagrammable cafés in Toronto city. It is a pastel-themed cafe with modern interiors making it one of the most instagrammable spots to hang out and take pictures while sipping on some flavourful coffee.

It is a fairly busy cafe that can get filled fast due to its cosy and blissful ambience. They serve high-quality coffee and scrumptious delights that are soul-filling! You must try their infamous vanilla latte with beautiful artwork carefully curated by super knowledgeable and helpful baristas.

This aesthetically appealing cafe with a huge patio and magnificent chandelier is the best place to go on a date and take amazing Instagram-worthy pictures. It is also a great place to arrange group meetings.

The overall vibe of one of the cute cafes in Toronto is trendy and classy. Hence, they are a bit overpriced but worth it for the quality and ambience, they offer. Its location is 1042 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON.

11. Sam James Coffee Bar

Sam James coffee bar near Little Italy is one of the cute cafes in Toronto with beautiful, white-themed interiors.

The cafe offers a wide variety of coffee and baked delights like the Cipollini Onion and Gruyère danish made with high-quality French ingredients. Then you must try their buttered croissants, different types of pies, cardamom custard Danish and roasted mushrooms.

The staff here is extremely friendly and caters to every need of the customers. If you are a regular, they already know your order and will call you by your name. What is the better indication of great customer service than this?

The coffee shop is mostly busy all the time, but the staff handles the crowd very well. The mocha, espresso and latte are highly recommended. If you are looking for a cool spot to hang out with your friends and eat delicious pastries and desserts, this coffee shop will be your best choice. Its location is 297 Harbord St, Toronto, ON.

The Bottom Line

It is very hard to conclude the cutest cafes in Toronto because the city has a lot of exceptionally beautiful cafes with unique minimalistic interiors. Some of the other interesting cafes in Toronto you must visit are Milky’s cloud room, Cafe pamenar, Tucana coffee, little pebbles, Rustle and still café and Boxcar Social.

Toronto is one of the best places in the world to find an amazing coffee shop selling flavourful coffee. So there is no doubt to find many more cute cafes in Toronto with aesthetic and trendy interiors. Each cafe has its unique vibe and ambience which makes it stand out from each other.

Whether you are looking for a nice and cozy place to study, a beautiful place to go on a date or even just a relaxing spot to sip a coffee with a book, these cute cafes in Toronto has it covered up for you.

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