10 Most Popular Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa

Finding the greatest breakfast places can be challenging in Ottawa because of its size. Be at ease, though! This list will be useful to you. These top-rated Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa use regional ingredients, provide a wide range of alternatives, and also have a pleasant ambiance.

There is various casual french pub for weekend brunch, and enjoy the great breakfast and great food at these Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa.

Best Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa

Choose one today to get your day off to a great start with these fantastic breakfast spots in Ottawa! Continue reading to learn more about the Best Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa.

1. Amazing Breakfast at Fraser

One of the Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa. For your next dinner, go no further than Fraser. Since the time it originally opened its doors, it has become a well-liked neighborhood eatery in New Edinburgh. With a huge selection of entrees, such as salmon rillette, and delicious starters, like fries and beets! If you choose it, you can also enjoy delectable street meat on the weekends.

This restaurant offers plenty to offer everyone, whether you want to have a lovely meal with companions or want some decent, old-fashioned food in solitude without loud music playing all the time.

There will never be another boring dinner because of their broad menu, which is updated periodically. You can enjoy day breakfast, hangover breakfast, big breakfast, and baked goods in this brunch spot.

2. Chesterfield’s Gastro

Chesterfield’s Gastro offers a variety of traditional diner meals and adds unique twists while considering healthier lifestyle options that are more eco-friendly, like recycling or using green electricity! You can enjoy home fries, seafood, and a patio in this world-class spot for breakfast at a fair price.

The facility is small but undoubtedly packs a lot of charm in such an iconic location, and the staff is prompt and courteous. If you’re seeking something other than conventional breakfast dishes this time around, they have a variety of sides like turkey bacon, morning poutine, or loaded avocado that are excellent to go with your main dish.

3. Kettleman’s Bagel

In order to produce a high quality product that was as genuine and traditional for Montrealers as possible, founder Craig Buckley established his first Kettlemans Bagel in Ottawa. This has been their motivation ever since, and we are confident you’ll adore their products. Comes in the list of Best Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa.

Situated at Westin Ottawa. This is a fantastic place for brunch. You can purchase bagels filled with traditional deli sandwich ingredients, as well as unusual Kettleman’s salads and standard caesar salads, as well as great coffee.

The most well-known bagel store in Montreal makes 6000 fresh bagels daily and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including holidays). They offer vegetarian & vegan options, and everything is always delicious and freshly prepared dessert.

4. Stella Luna Gelato Cafe

You need to go early to this place. There is only so much better if you’re seeking the best Breakfast in Ottawa than this. This tiny store is the ideal location to purchase some of that delectable, freshly made gelato. They make the delicious birthday cake as expected. There are several tastes to choose from, and each one is guaranteed to be real.

There are some other Italian goods that are exclusive to Italy. Furthermore, they have an incredible range of doughnuts that will satisfy even your harshest critic. Not to mention, they have incredible donuts. They provide handcrafted sweets, soups, and more! A proprietor is a wonderful person.

The room has a great interior layout and color scheme. The facilities are first-rate. They are offering a lot to anybody that enters, whether they’re seeking interior seats or outdoor ambiance!

Since it’s in such a convenient position, parking is never a problem nearby. Additionally, the pricing was unbeatably low compared to those of other neighboring cafes.

5. Serve Breakfast at Iconic Cafe

The aroma of freshly prepared breakfast cuisine will greet you as soon as you enter our eatery. They offer a wide selection, including hot Italian and Mediterranean entrees, cold salads, and sandwiches with Quebec smoked pork.

Iconic Cafe- The Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa
Image from Iconic Cafe

Another Best Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa. They also have delicious snacks like granola cups. The mouthwatering soups and paninis at this eatery will astound you. They also offer excellent mango smoothies.

Every day, new breakfast dishes are presented. The meal is always high-quality, fresh, and still reasonably priced for students on a tight budget! The restaurant offers outstanding service that is always prompt and kind.

6. Mazarine Restaurant

An extremely fantastic breakfast establishment that provides brunch with Mediterranean influences produced using local Canadian ingredients. They offer a wide range of selections, and almost all of their dishes are excellent!

The pistachio pancakes, omelets, and shakshuka are all worth trying (a type of egg bake). They also have fantastic Turkish coffee. Along with the wonderful meal, the staff provides outstanding customer service. As soon as you enter this restaurant, you can’t help but feel in love with how cozy it is.

7. Wilf and Ada’s

Since it originally opened, Wilf and Ada’s has been providing all of your breakfast requirements in a welcoming environment. The triple-decker Dagwood sandwich is indeed a must-have for any hungry tourist, which makes sense.

Along with being served on gluten-free bread, Their chefs work hard to ensure that you receive only the freshest ingredients from their kitchen!

The service is polite and warm, and the aroma of their poutine and smoked bacon is just enticing enough to make you need food even before your dinner has even begun! Everyone is satisfied by the food Wilf & Ada offers up, whether they like lighter fare such as avocado eggs and lettuce sides or are not in need of any carbohydrates or protein.

8. The Third

People can congregate at The Third Place in Ottawa’s Hintonburg neighborhood and have a beautifully prepared breakfast in a cozy, welcoming environment.

The Third Cafe
Image from The Third Cafe

The vegetarian selections on The Third should appeal to everyone. They also offer Mish Mash Hash, which is a potato hash with beans, ham, and side eggs.

9. Tamis Cafe

After relocating to Canada from the Philippines, the founders of the Tamis Cafe & launched TAMIS, an enticing food truck serving meals influenced by home-style cooking customs.

The restaurant’s food is different from what you would anticipate. By using vegetables in unexpected ways, they give traditional Filipino ingredients a fresh spin.

One example is their Fresh Lumpia (Veggie Crepe), which is made with sautéed sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, green beans, and lettuce and topped with homemade peanut sauce. They also use sautéed egg noodles for their Spaghetti Bolognese dish.

10. Chez Lucien

A nice spot to eat Breakfast is Chez Lucien. At the entrance of the Byward Market, there is a pleasant cafe. They exclusively provide locally sourced, fresh meals.

Perfectly cooked eggs can be paired with a variety of sides, such as baked potatoes or salads. Cheeseburgers and fries from Chez Lucien are always excellent.

A wonderful, juicy burger that consistently shows up first on your table! There is a daily selection of cake varieties to choose from if you’re in the mood for something sweeter.

This place’s interior is incredibly pleasant, especially when a fireplace is blazing in the winter. One of the nicest ways to spend a Sunday here is to listen to live jazz music!

11. Elgin Street

There are many excellent eateries in Ottawa these days. However, Elgin Street Diner was the sole option for an excellent dinner 22 years ago, and it still is! One of Canada’s finest locations for a traditional English breakfast, this neighborhood institution has been rated the greatest breakfast joint by Xpress Magazine.

Any of their dishes is sure to please! They are renowned for their pancakes, particularly the ones with banana and bacon, which pair well with milkshakes made with vanilla, oreo, or caramel. Also excellent are eggs benedict and traditional French toast.

12. The Morning Owl

It can be challenging to locate a better spot in Ottawa to get the ideal cup of coffee for the morning. Independent franchise owners have operated The Morning Owl Coffeehouse franchises, selling organic & direct trade coffees. Comes in the list of the Best Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa.

The Morning Owl
Image from The Morning Owl

Drinking a London fog with soy milk is the ideal ratio of sweet and savory flavors. Interesting options for Breakfast include sandwiches with BBQ chicken or mango curry. Their scones are outstanding! Not to mention the welcoming personnel.

13. Cora’s Breakfast and lunch

Cora, the restaurant’s proprietor, created a number of fresh breakfasts after drawing inspiration from her family’s traditions and customer demands. She gradually made classic dishes better while also creating new ones that had never been seen before in either this country or overseas in previous generations!

Try some delicious French toast with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. Additionally, to enhance the flavor of their sandwiches, they use fresh ingredients such as smoked salmon, eggs, tuna, and chicken salad. A very excellent breakfast item is the Panini-crêpe Passe-partout, which consists of eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese wrapped up in a grilled crêpe & served with fresh fruit.

14. Jax

In Central City, Jax is a welcoming cafe. Ben Breitler, the chef and proprietor, takes pride in serving up freshly made bread for Breakfast using only the finest local products! For more than 7 years, he has served as the restaurant’s chef.

They are well known for their pumpkin pie, French toast, and banana bread. The taro chips go excellently with the pork belly sandwich. Every bite’s salty, crispy texture nicely complemented each piece’s fatty richness!

15. Sunset Grill

The top spot in Ontario for a delicious breakfast is Sunset Grill. They prepare their menu items with fresh ingredients and healthful techniques, such as flat-top grills, pat-dry bacon, and never-ever deep-frying anything!

You will be satisfied with what this eatery has to offer, with options like the renowned bacon three-eggs combo or a trademark Sunset burger. The staff is really welcoming.

Additionally, it comes highly recommended for those searching for an excellent, reasonably-priced breakfast with fantastic pancakes or sausages!

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on Popular Breakfast Restaurants Ottawa. For fans of Breakfast, Ottawa is a fantastic place! There are many excellent restaurants available for affordable costs. There is something for everyone in Ottawa, from fresh fruit to eggs benedict to French toast.

The greatest breakfast places in Ottawa are included on this list. So be sure to try out one of these restaurants if you’re searching for somewhere to eat this morning!


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Ayaz Pathan is an experienced writer and knows what it takes to be a successful article marketer and a competent writer—pursuing graduation from Chandigarh University—currently working as a content writer and editor(part-time)—developing a career in Blogging and content writing and seeking future opportunities.

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