10 Most Fun Facts About Animals

Animals are a part of our ecosystem. Each and every animal is somehow related to this environment that teaches us many skills and unique ability to survive on the planet. every animal has a unique ability like we have human fingerprints, animals have unique abilities to distinguish them from the world for example an octopus has nine brains, where we can’t even get hold of one they listen to their nine brains whereas barn owls have every long legs and toes compared to normal birds, on the contrary, a horned lizard has a horny appearance and colored structure which helps the horned lizard to blend in the environment. There are many other fun facts about animals such these.

Their are many amazing animal facts that can blow your mind. So to know about some of these amazing animal facts, read along. It is important for beings to learn about their surrounding environment, ecosystem and the animals living in their ecosystem, not just in times of danger but also to gain knowledge and know about our surroundings and the amazing facts hidden in it. These are some fun facts about animals you must know:

Fun Facts About Animals

1. Elephants

Image by Craig Stevenson from Unsplash

The gigantic species of mammals is the world’s largest living land species on the surface of earth. The average height and weight of an elephant is 3 meters high and 6000 kilograms respectively. As the largest species on land, elephants bring same as many fun facts along with them. For instance, elephants communicate with the vibrations they produce, its fascinating that humans require so many machineries to understand the basics of vibrations whereas it is the primary language of many animal species.

Baby elephants are also called calves. A baby elephants can stand completely and start to learn the basics of walking just within 20 minutes of their birth. A baby elephant actually is able to walk within an hour of their birth. The incredible growth and survival techniques of an elephants makes them go on and on in search of daily meals and shelter. It is also surveyed that almost 90% of baby elephants are born during the night.

Also, the mammal is not just the largest and deadliest on land but also have an amazing memory. Unlike a human mind, elephants never forget! Yes, the mammal never forgets a thing about their whole life. Its temporal lobe i.e. the area of the brain that is connected with the functioning of memory is larger and denser than any living species on the land.

The trunk of the mammal is not only used to smell and hold things but can do various breath holding things. An elephant’s trunk can hold, store spray water whereas it is also used a communicator within the animal kingdom, it makes approximately 110 decibel of sound which can be heard from miles.

A sad fact is that almost 90% of African elephants have been extinct in the past few years. Only 415,000 wild elephants live today. Approximately 50% of Asian elephants have also come to extinction in the past 4-5 generations.

2. Dog

Image by  Alvan Nee from Unsplash

Dogs are categorized as the cutest pet to get in your household. Almost two thirds of the human population prefer dogs over any other pet. A dog is one of the most loyal family member a person can get. Their are almost 360 recognized breeds of dogs.

Talking about a dog’s sense and abilities, a dog is considered to have a great identification for smell. It’s power to smell is 40 times better than a human being. It is also assumed that some of these mammals have so special sniffing abilities that they can even sniff some medical problems in living beings.

A dog is not just better than humans in sniffing but are also great at their hearing abilities. A dog can hear, recognize and categorize different sounds way better than humans. They have mainly 18 muscles just in their ears to enhance these ability.

Dogs can swim, some can run as fast as cheetahs while others are just good attackers that if they sink their teeth into flesh, some of these species can become one of the deadliest animal. For these unique and advance abilities of dogs they are often trained and used at various crime scenes.

Like humans, dogs also have their soulmates known as prairie dogs. They recognize their soulmate by their scent and kissing them. Dogs and men best friends Dogs fall in love not just with their belt of animals but can also fall in love with human they live with. It is often said a dogs can kill and be killed for the being they love no matter the species and they don’t feel the guilt for any deed they do.

Every living being is recognized by their unique print, like a man can be recognized by his human fingerprints in the same way dogs can be recognized by their unique nose prints. Each dog in the world has a different and unique nose print.

3. Whales

Image by Nitesh Jain from Unsplash

Whale is a marine animal species. They are the most gigantic animals on earth. Their average body length is 70 to 80 feet and weight almost as 25 elephants i.e. 150,000 kilograms. Their are 40 recognized whale species. The blue whale is the longest and largest of all the species on the planet whereas the minke whale is the smallest of the species.

You might have listened a nightingale sing but did you know, humpback whales found in the waters of United States are often heard singing. Their is so complex that various studies and thesis could not identify the intensity of their song and can sing for almost 20 minutes straight.

Some like bowhead whales found in Arctic and killer whales can survive for more than 100 years. These killer whales are also found to be very social in nature. They usually travel across the ocean floor in group of their biological recognition, mainly centered on their mother.

Gray whales travel the longest among mammals. They travel for almost 16,000 kilometers every year. the species have also made a record in the deepest dive, a Cuvier’s beaked whale made the deepest and longest dive in the ocean, It went to a depth of 2,992 meters and stayed for almost 2 hours.

These giant animals tend to drink a lot of water with the fishes, to let go excess of water, they pore out the water from a hole present on their backs like a fountain which is aesthetically pleasing. The skin of the animal is covered with oils which protects them from their skin from salty water.

4. Bats

Image by Vlad Kutepov from Unsplash

Bats are the creatures of night. They mainly come out of the shadows after the sun is set. They carry this opposite routine as the sun hurts their eyes in the day time so they prefer the darkness of the night where they search, hunt, travel in the same level of darkness. Their are 1400 species of bats worldwide.

It is a well known notion that bats and bears hibernate at the time of winters in the dark shadows of caves but their are some species of bats like spotted bats do not hibernate instead they migrate to warmer places for meal and shelter.

Their are many natural predators of bats like snake, hawk and disease. Yes, disease is also a cause of death of bats. A disease named white nose syndrome hits bats during their hibernation process which has killed at most 90% of five to six species.

Bats are the only mammals who can fly. Bat’s hands resemble the evolved version of humans hands with some thin skin between the fingers. However, bats usually fly closer to the ground surface approximately 10-15 feet above the ground and shockingly, they fly backwards. Bats can fly, are small and are really fast. Sometimes these bats hit living beings and enter deeply in to their skin due to this high speed which makes them dangerous too.

If you look into medical closely, bats are as important on the planet as medics to any disease because about 80 cures for worldwide diseases have derived from bats. Moreover, bats are important for some fruits and vegetables too for example bananas, mangoes and avocados. For those who hate bats and love these fruits, you can not choose one!

5. Lions

Image by Zdeněk Macháček from Unsplash

Lion is considered as the king of the animal kingdom. A male lion can be up to 10 feet and can weigh 150-200 kilograms. These wild beasts can run for up to 50 kmph for short distances and can leap for 36 feet. A lion’s roar can be heard from a distance of 8 kilometers. It is strange that lions are considered the king of jungle whereas they usually live in plain green areas.

The male lion grows a mane with the growth of their body. these manes can grow up to 16 centimeters. These thin shinny manes of lions always have a story to tell. The growth of these manes showcase the dominance of the species.

Their are mainly 2 species of lions i.e. The African lion and The Asiatic lions. Almost 90% of the lion species are settles in Africa. The wild beasts are a great hunters. The female lion mainly go for a hunt and the male lion stay at the territory to state their dominance at the territory and keep an eye on their cubs as the female lions are out to hunt. Lion is the only mammal which enjoy to hunt their prey during a storm.

The babies of lion are called cubs and are reared together as to build friendship and togetherness amongst the cubs. These cubs have spots on their skin but disappear as they grow up.

A lion has a huge diet. It can eat almost 40 kilograms in their one meal that is a quarter of their weight. A lion can mainly eat 2-3 fully grown pigs in a meal. They have sharp rasps on their tongues known as papillae which help them scrape of meat of the bones of other animals.

Their are not as many lions left in the world as we thought were. Their are just 23,000 lion left in the world.

6. Bears

Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager from Unsplash

Bears are one of the most giant, intelligent and dangerous mammals in the jungle world. These mammals have a lot of fur coats on their skin which protects them from extreme cold like it protects polar bears in Arctic and Antarctic regions. These fur coats are very warm, long and fuzzy. These fur allows them to absorb heat during winters.

Bears have a huge IQ which help them hunt and survive from predators. Even the IQ of bear’s children is 50-60. Grizzly bears are considered most intelligent in all the species of bears.

Polar bears and Grizzly bear’s bite are considered the most strongest and dangerous bites of all with a force of 1200 and 1160 PSI than can easily crush a bowling ball. Bears are omnivores mammals i.e. they eat both plants and animals. Their are total 8 species of bears scattered around the world mainly in America, Africa and Asia.

These fuzzy buzzy are nature’s only mammals giant enough and can stand on their hind legs i.e. can walk on their two back legs as humans which makes them even more interesting.

The bears in the frigid zone are mainly with black skin and fur but the interesting facts is that a polar bears skin is actually black in color but the fur comes out to be white. Due to the dense fur coating on the bear’s skin does not allow the black skin of a polar bear come in visibility. Polar bears are also considered a marine animal.

7. Ostrich

Image by Max Murauer from Unsplash

Ostrich are omnivores birds. Its habitat is in dry desert regions like Savannah. The average height and weight of the bird is 1.8- 2.75 meters and 155 kilograms respectively. The average life span of an ostrich is 30-40 years. It is the world’s largest bird. It runs fastest of all birds as it is the only animal who runs with a speed of 70km/hour and can cover 5 meters of distance in a single long step. It is a predecessor of t rex animals

Ostrich has many including fun facts for a bird. It has three stomachs which help them digest their food more efficiently as they don’t have teeth to break down their food. It also eat small stones and pebbles which grind over their food and help them break it down in simpler form for them to digest.

Ostrich’s eyes are bigger than their brain size. Ostrich’s eyes are of diameter 2 inches where as the brain has a height and width of 59.26 mm, and 42.30 mm, respectively. Their eyes are the biggest in the whole land animal world. Their eyes are five times bigger than us humans.

Ostrich also has the biggest eggs in the whole bird kingdom. They lay eggs and place them on a dominant hen’s nest of 6 square inch. The eggs are 15 centimeter of height and can weigh as much as a dozen of a normal chicken’s eggs.

The ostrich has 56 bones in total and the magnificent leg bones are solid encasing marrow. The legs of ostrich are no where similar to any other bird.

8. Cats

image by Jari Hytönen from Unsplash

Cats are the small fuzzy bears people like to keep as pets. Cats are very interesting animals. They are very intelligent pets. In ancient Egypt cats were considered a good luck for the people who housed them. almost 500 million cats are pets by human beings.

It is recently found that cats sleep for at least 13-16 hours a day i.e. they sleep for 70% their life. The animal is owned by 51% of adults in United Kingdom. Talking about body, a cat has 18 pawns in their feet and a cat can jump up 6 times higher than their height. they not only jump this higher but can also land perfectly from 10 times up their height or sometimes even more.

A cats baby is called kitten. A female kitten give birth to their baby and take care of them for a month or so but after that she leaves them on their own to let them grow and hunt on their own. It is also noticed that their are cat milk for sale, it is because cat’s milk is less in lactose.

One of the largest and most owned cats are Maine Coon where as the smallest is Singapura. The cats’ purr determines its happiness and content with its owner or any thing or people. It also purrs at people and other animals as a sign of communication.

Female cats are more calmer, quitter and less playful than the male cats. Cats play with various balls like yarn balls, small plastic bowling ball and others. This little animal can run with a speed of 30 mph.

9. Dolphins

Image by Ranae Smith from Unsplash

Dolphins are the cute and human friendly marine animal. It can be found all over the world in different environments. The animal can be noticed being playful with the humans. Their are four species of dolphins in the Amazon river that can only be seen in that freshwater river. The animal was noticed in Indian rivers too.

Its brain has special cells that helps the animal to learn, recognize and remember the things and beings. Bottlenose dolphins eat their fish in slightly different way. They eat their prey’s face first so that the fish’s spine don’t catch up on their throat.

dolphins are the only mammals which sleep standing and their one eye open and in sub-conscious state so that they can see and flee if some other larger fish tries to attack. Taking a sleep in such way allows them to survive longer amongst their predators. Dolphin alternates their brain consciousness which they sleep so that both the sides of their conscious mind can get proper rest. Dolphins also swim slow and steady during their sleep.

These animals are very chatty and socializing. They make various sounds like whistles, clicks, squawks and many more which makes them even more cuter as an animal. These animals are one of the very few species like humans and apes which have high intellectual level and can recognize themselves in a mirror.

10. Sharks

image by Laura College from Unsplash

Sharks are the deadly creatures of the oceans. These deadly beasts do not have bones in their body. They might not have bones but some the species have an amazing eye sight to fight and prey in the ocean water. They have a skin similar to sandpaper.

Amazing fact about these animals is they can not flip themselves over if these flip themselves upside down. This unfortunate position is called tonic mobility. That is why make scientists flip sawfish in water in order to make discoveries.

Sharks are carnivores animals which makes them attracted to blood where as this animal triggered by taste and smell of the blood. The scent of the blood can make a shark even worse and it wont stop until it has killed. A shark can even track him prey with the sound and vibration of its prey’s heartbeat. Blood and meat is as important to a shark to survive as it is water to us humans. So it can turn threatening to spill blood in a shark habitat zone.

A shark can eat only 0.5% of its weight in a day i.e. 1 sheep a day because their ability to chew is deficient. The Great White Sharks are the deadliest of all shark species.


Every mammal on the planet has its own important features and uncountable things that make them special and unique from the others. It is important to learn and memorize these amazing fun facts about animals in your environment. You never know what comes in handy.

Each and every animal in an ecosystem has its on ability and features that lets it sustain in the ecosystem. From an ant to a whale and sharks to barn animals like cows, each has amazing animals facts that world deserves to know. The above fun facts about animals are just a little snow from Himalayas. their are many a million fun facts about animals yet to know and discover.

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