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10 Fun Things to Do in Winnipeg

Fun things to do in Winnipeg

Are you visiting Winnipeg or wondering what to do and where to go in The Peg? Well, let’s glance through the fun activities in which you could indulge during your visit to Winnipeg, “The Heart of Canada.”

The Peg remained an underrated place for a long time. The place is so scenic and culturally vibrant that it now attracts travelers from around the globe. It is the capital of Manitoba province. The word “Winnipeg” translates to “muddy water” in Cree.

Residing in the converging point of The Red and The Assiniboine Rivers, Winnipeg is a small city, and the main attractions are within close proximity. Downtown Winnipeg is the economic center of Peg. There are many iconic places to visit and umpteen fun activities to do in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg, named after Lake Winnipeg, is an abode for all four seasons. The place experiences summer and winter with all its charm and glory. Thus, different seasons decorate the place, which imparts unique experiences throughout the year. Endless goes the list of Winnipeg tourist attractions and listing them all would be a herculean task.

This article incorporates some of the many places to visit, main attractions, landmarks, and fun things to do in Winnipeg.

10 Exciting and Fun Things to Do in Winnipeg

1. Visit Famous Museums and Galleries

Winnipeg has many museums and art galleries. Winnipeg’s museums are famous and have a lot of stories to tell about the country and its past. They always hold a position on the list of top Winnipeg tourist attractions. A guided tour through these sites would be informative, enriching, and aesthetically pleasing.

1.1. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first museum to be solely dedicated to promoting, educating, and practising human rights. This National Museum holds various talks and events, and the exhibits are changed frequently.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a six-story extravagant structure that depicts the evolution of human rights in and around Canada. It is not exclusive to Canada but incorporates the world at large.

Photo by Brydon McCluskey on Unsplash

Location: Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Google Maps

Timings: 10 AM–5 PM (Closed on Mondays)

1.2. The Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum is a rich repository of science and natural history. It radiates knowledge as well as is fun. The Museum is equally enjoyable for all age groups. It speaks a multitude of natural history.

The Museum holds laser shows, conducts various exhibitions, and has a planetarium. The Manitoba Museum is perfect to quench the thirst for knowledge and to have fun learning and discovering new things.

Location: Manitoba Museum – Google Maps

Timing: 10 AM–4 PM (Closed on Mondays)

1.3. Manitoba Legislative Building

The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba is also a famous attraction. A guided tour taken through the streets of Winnipeg can be a wonderful experience. Signing up and taking a Hermetic Code Tour is highly recommended during the visit.

The Manitoba Legislative Building is an iconic building, and all the details about the building are fascinating, which you’ll get to know from your guide during the Hermetic Code Tour.

Photo by A K on Unsplash

Location: Manitoba Legislative Building –  Google Maps

Timing; 8:00 AM–8:00 PM

The Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) is a must-visit place for art admirers. The Winnipeg Art Gallery features umpteen art pieces, including contemporary Inuit art, and attracts art lovers like a magnet from around the globe. Inuit art is the artwork made by Eskimos and is also known as Eskimos Art. The place also hosts various exhibitions and art classes. It is an interesting spot to visit in Winnipeg.

Location: Winnipeg Art Gallery- Google Maps

Timing: 11 AM – 5 PM (Closed on Mondays)

1.5. Royal Aviation Museum

The Royal Aviation Museum unveils the rich history of Canadian Aviation. It has many interesting exhibits. It is one of the Royal Museums in Canada. The journey of establishing the museum dates back years but it was opened recently in 2022. There are many historic artifacts related to aviation on display in the museum.

Location: Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada – Google Maps

Timing: 10 AM – 5 PM

1.6. The Royal Canadian Mint

The coins used in circulation in Canada are made by the Royal Canadian Mint. A tour through the Royal Canadian Mint will let us closely observe the processes involved in its production. It is a must-visit attraction in Winnipeg, and one must spare a few hours to witness it.

Location: Royal Canadian Mint- Google Maps

Timing: 9 AM – 5 PM (Closed on Sundays and Mondays)

2. The Forks

The Forks is a historically significant site. The Forks Market is a famous meeting place. It hosts various events throughout the year and has lots of open patios and places to engage in a binge-eating spree. There are many coffee shops, eateries, and other hangout places in the Forks. It was the common gathering place that has been inscribed in the pages of Canadian history.

Photo by Brydon McCluskey on Unsplash

The Forks Market is always crowded with tourists and quite popular. The Forks is frequented by people of all age groups and is ideal for engaging in fun activities or spending relaxing quality time.

Location: The Forks Market – Google Maps

Timings: 8 AM – 10 PM

3. Events and Fests in Winnipeg

3.1. Festival du voyageur

Festival du Voyageur is the largest winter festival in Canada which spans over 10 days. During the Festival du Voyageur, many indoor and outdoor activities and performances are conducted. Alluring ice sculptures are also made by artists during the festival.

It is also known as the world’s largest kitchen, as visitors get to experience a wide variety of French-Canadian food. It usually occurs in the month of February.

Location: Festival du Voyageur Inc. – Google Maps

Photo by Hugo L. Casanova on Unsplash

3.2. Folklorama

Folklorama is a multicultural festival conducted in Winnipeg to embrace the huge cultural diversity of the city. It is a two-week event in which various performances take place in various parts of the venue known as pavilions. During the festival, amazing food and art come together in a fusion. More than 40 pavilions have been set up to showcase the cultural vibrancy. It occurs during the summer and is mostly held in the month of August.

Various other festivals, like the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the International Jazz Festival, the Manito Ahbee Festival, and the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, are also famous. Look for festivals and events hosted during the time of your visit. Throughout the year, events of some kind will always make your trip to Winnipeg memorable.

4. Activities for Winter

Who doesn’t love to play in the snow, witness northern lights, make snowmen and make snow angels? Well, winter in Winnipeg is so captivating. Winter marks the onset of various sports in Winnipeg. The sight of frozen Lake Winnipeg is also extravagant.

Fun activities like cross-country skiing, ice skating, sledding, ice fishing, and ice hockey. begin in the winter season when the entire city of Winnipeg is frozen and covered in snow. Polar bears, reindeer, and many other winter animals can be seen at this time.

Photo by Amanpreet Deol on Unsplash

Winter is also the time for replenishing the body by getting rid of toxins. This is made possible through the spas, saunas, and springs that are set up.

The Peg has one of the world’s longest skating trails, The Red River Mutual Trail, which is a popular venue for winter sports. It is naturally formed, and the distance and length covered vary every year. To see Christmas is another life experience.

Winnipeg sets up and decorates streets like “Polar Bear Street,” “Queen’s Street,” “Reindeer Street,” etc., where “Polar Bear Street” will have installations themed on polar bears, and likewise, every street will be based on its unique title. Witnessing the northern lights, also known as the aurora, is another great experience that can be gained during the winter.

5. Activities for Summer

Summer is the time to enjoy the musical concerts and parties that mushroom in the nooks of Winnipeg. This is the time to enjoy live music. The streets are transformed into a completely different environment that exudes party. A visit to Activate Games with your group can also be a wonderful experience.

Photo by Jawad on Unsplash

This is the apt time to take a stroll through the streets, visit the historical sites, and witness the magic of sports game teams like the Winnipeg Jets, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will always top the list of Winnipeg attractions.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Winnipeg Jets are the professional football team and hockey team of Winnipeg.

North America’s largest animal, the bison, can be spotted in plenty during autumn in Winnipeg. Summer is a perfect time to travel, party, attend live music concerts, relax and enjoy with loved ones.

6. Assiniboine Park Zoo

Assiniboine Park is a fun place to engage in outdoor activities. The Park Zoo is a great experience for visitors and is one of the most popular Winnipeg tourist attractions.

You’ll get to see cute polar bears in their cozy and lively habitat at Assiniboine Park Zoo.

Photo by Eva Blue on Unsplash

The park has a vast area and is a nice place to roam. It is a nice picnic spot and has massive fields where you could have fun. The Leaf is also a popular spot at Assiniboine Park, which has shades of nature to exhibit. Kildonan Park is also a wonderful place to spend quality time with friends and family. All these places offer a wide range of activities and are interesting.

Location: – Google Maps

7. The Exchange District

Exchange District is a national heritage site and one of the most popular destinations in Winnipeg. The social fabric of Winnipeg is culturally rich and closely knit. The Exchange District holds the essence of the place. It is a marketplace that hosts various cultural events and performances.

A walk through the Exchange District and West End can be very artistically pleasing due to the abundance of amazing mural art. The place is a hub of restaurants, pubs, and shopping centers. The Exchange District is a must-see for anyone interested in art.

Location: Exchange District BIZ – Google Maps

8. Saint Boniface

Saint Boniface is a neighbourhood area adjacent to Winnipeg. It is across the Forks and celebrates French-Canadian culture. The place has many iconic landmarks such as Saint Boniface Cathedral, Saint Boniface Museum, Provencher Bridge, etc. A visit to the province can be peaceful and relaxing. St. Boniface Cathedral is an architectural marvel.

Photo by Mahesh Gupta on Unsplash

Location: Saint Boniface – Google Maps

9. Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is the perfect amalgamation of nature and art. The place has many sculptures and art pieces on display. It also hosts various events. The works of Leo Mol are the main draw of the Garden, which attracts a large number of visitors.

Location: Leo Mol Sculpture Garden – Google Maps

10. Snow Maze

Snow Maze is a must-visit during the winter. A Maze in Corn holds a Guinness World Record for the largest snow maze. It is a fun-filled activity to indulge in with friends and family. It is challenging and adventurous. The corn maze gets converted into a snow maze during the winter and is a wonderful sight. A lot of winter sports, fun games, and activities are also housed in the area. It is a popular winter attraction and a cool experience.

Location: A Maze In Corn – Google Maps

Other than these places like Birds Hill Provincial Park, Manitoba Children’s Museum, Canad Inns Winter Wonderland, Manitoba Theatre, Assiniboine zoo, Winnipeg Beach, a glance at Winnipeg Skyline, stroll through Winnipeg’s French quarter could all be fun and exciting.

Best Time to Visit Winnipeg

The months of October and November are considered to be the best time to visit.

The Peg, taking into consideration various factors including travel expenses, fests organized during that time, things to do in Winnipeg during that time, and climatic conditions and weather.

Visiting Winnipeg during October and November is recommended by most travellers. It might take three to four days to cover the main attractions and landmarks. Being the largest city in Manitoba, there are a lot of places to explore in Winnipeg.

Travelling to new places widens the outlook, educates refreshes the mind, and imparts a plentitude of good memories. Winnipeg is an eventful and very happening place. Throughout the year, a lot of events take place. Experiences gained from Winnipeg can be entirely different during summer and winter. So, choose the time of the visit and accordingly look for the festivals and events.

The Winters in Winnipeg can be long and extremely cold. Ample care has to be given in choosing the outfits while travelling to Peg. Stay in Winnipeg is not that expensive, and the travel fare is comparatively low during the month of December.

The Peg is now a famous destination among travellers. And hence there are a lot of means to travel to and travel in Winnipeg. As Winnipeg has a smaller land area, transportation to various attractions will not be an issue. A lot of car rental and shared taxi facilities are available. So rent your own car and explore the brilliance of Winnipeg.

The attractions and activities mentioned in this article do not include all the places and fun that Winnipeg holds in it. A journey to Winnipeg could offer extensive and umpteen experiences of the cultural vibrance, the scrumptious cuisines, exquisite and serene places, the parties, the festivals, the buildings, the skyline, the historical sites and the colourful streets of the Peg.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to explore Winnipeg.

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