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Discover the Best Clubs in Windsor: Top 10 Choices

Most exciting clubs in windsor

Windsor is a city, where you will never feel homesick. You must be thinking about how I can claim such a significant opinion with so much confidence, right?

Well, you will agree with me after not more than five minutes into this article. Who does not want to not miss their country while touring other countries? If you are one of them, Windsor is certainly your place.

Located in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England, Windsor is filled with diversity and excitement while being home to people from many countries worldwide.

With a significant proportion of the population of the city is African, European, and Asian descent, Windsor ranks as the seventh largest city in Ontario.

Now, I don’t think I need to tell you that this fantastic city is located in southwestern Ontario, on the southeast of Detriot, do I? Like, who does not know about the clubs in Windsor and is a fan of drinks and dance at the same time?

I mean this place does have some beautiful parks and natural sites like the famous Ojibway Prairie Complex, but its forte lies in the dance floor, great music, hip hop, and a great live music venue.

There is also a significant historic event associated with Windsor’s Underground Railroad. It is said that the Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes which enslaved African Americans used to escape to freedom in the 19th Century in Canada.

Today, it has become a key stop for tourists as a historic site. Visiting a route that was used as escapism for the slaves sounds oddly interesting right? No worries pal, we’re together in this.

Clubs located in Windsor not only act as attractive tourist destinations but also play an important role in the city’s economy. The increasing amount of clubs helps supply employment to the natives.

It also serves the tourism industry as people from all over the world come to make an occurrence here.

Without spending any more time on gossip, let us hop on to our main topic which is why you are here, the list of the top 10 clubs you should pay a visit when in Windsor.

10 Exciting Clubs In Windsor

1. The Old Ticket Hall

The Old Ticket Hall is one of the best music clubs. But, it has come here after facing a lot of hardships. During its juvenile days, Old Ticket Hall used to be a very small and reticent organization whose membership was limited to 100 people at a time only and only upper-class echelons of the society made a recurring appearance here.

It got its name because of its primary love for horses. Earlier, the members of this club would get tickets to horse races. This also helped in keeping the club packed during the racing season.

After the club lost its exclusivity in the 20th century, it moved from Windsor train station to downtown Windsor. It is still famous for its artefacts and racing memorabilia but also, features some great live music and a dance floor.

They also feature Open-Mic on Thursdays and late-night acoustics on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Your Sunday can also become a great night with Steve and Megan performing in front of you!

2. The Royal Stag

With a rich history of promoting sports and cultural events, The Royal Stag Club now takes pride in being one of the best clubs with an elegant ambiance and some great beer. The Club’s social calendar is always filled with parties, shows, and events.

Members can have a fantastic evening by participating in a wide range of activities organized by the club such as talks and interactive lectures on contemporary topics and current affairs. Amazing isn’t it? I mean who gets to enjoy both lectures and parties at the same place which is also a bar? 

In addition to these social activities, the club is also known for its charitable events and fundraising activities. One of the most majestic things about Royal Stag is its customer service and friendly staff. It is a family-friendly club and the best place to have a great time with family on a weekend.

Therefore, it is better to confirm by calling on their desk number as they don’t own any official website.

3. Bar Yello

Bar Yello is a main attraction in Windsor for people who enjoy nightclubs. It is a very popular destination for drinks and cocktails. A perfect place for spending your Saturday night.

The bar’s name comes from its signature dish, the Yellow burger. It is a beef burger served with bacon, cheese, and a special sauce that is custom-made by the bar itself.

They serve good food and they are freshly prepared. There is also a DJ kiosk and a dance floor to contribute to the mood.

It is a very popular bar and a great venue for night outs. They also feature certain games including pool and there are many ongoing offers which can provide a good discount if you can get your hands on it.

An interesting fact is that the bar’s location is such, that you can visit many other clubs, bars, and cafes as they are located quite near hence, making it a great place for Windsor club hopping. 

4. The Duchess of Cambridge Pub

The Duchess of Cambridge is as luxurious a pub as its name suggests. It is also called a traditional British club because of its royal ambiance.

The Duchess of Cambridge
Image from the official website of The Duchess of Cambridge

While discovering both royal and cheap, local clubs, this club might top the list for its fit for a grand, regal infrastructure. It features both clubbing and organizing events such as bachelorette parties, get-togethers, and even brunch.

They feature them all and also have a special seasonal menu that offers their hand-picked drinks. 

The pub is located in the heart of Windsor and is fit for those who like enjoying clubbing with a touch of royalty. For more information, you can visit their official website.

5. All Bar One Windsor

All Bar One is a café whose motto is to celebrate life by serving food and drinks. It is a comfy place to relax and try their special cocktails. They offer both morning coffee and Saturday night martinis.

There are some deliciously crafted dishes and they also offer an elegant atmosphere.

5.1 Spend a Fantastic Evening

Although the bar does not serve alcohol, it is always decked up with customers. They also have different menus for different occasions to suit the customer’s mood.

One of the reasons to not serve alcohol is because they also welcome children and have a special children-friendly menu. You can also bring your munchkins and give them some treats.

The bar operates between Monday and Sunday at different timing. This must be checked on their official website for occasional updates and changes.

6. The Hope

The Hope is an amazing bar which is located in a stunning location in the historic royal Borough of Windsor. The location is very famous and an attraction for tourists alike.

Its ambiance is a blend of traditional and modern elements consisting of cosy leather sofas and brick walls.

Amazing drinks and tasty food also go hand in hand in this bar. There is an underground bar that hosts live music from Friday to Sunday with DJs and artists.

The location favours this bar for every occasion. All in all, The Hope is a perfect place to have a good bite of freshly prepared for, soak in the history, and have some music and hip hop at the same time.

7. The Scotch

The Scotch Bar is one of the renowned clubs. It is located in the Arches in Windsor and is a great place for friendly, as well as family, get together as it provides a very welcoming atmosphere.

The Scotch proves to be a venue for special celebrations such as birthday parties or hen nights.

The Scotch, Windsor
Image from The Scotch

7.1. Night Club

If you are looking for a nightclub where you can dance for your dear life, The Scotch is your place. It is widely known for its night-long fun and excellent vibe.

They have introduced a guest list system through which you can skip the long queues and enjoy Saturday nights to the fullest.

Private party facilities are also available from Sunday to Thursday with prior booking facilities. Also, there are strict rules and restrictions for individuals who are below twenty-one years and your outfit must not include sportswear. 

8. The Old Court

The Old Court is a club whose social calendar is filled with events on an everyday basis. This is a club where you can ‘have it all.’ This club features several events including workshops, music, dance, cinema, and of course, bar events.

The ambiance is excellent with a grand entrance hall and amazing staircase, giving the place a very royal look. It is a must-visit club while visiting Windsor.

The Old Court
Imagine is from The Old Court

8.1. Great Live music venue

Both tourists and locals are very attracted to this bar because of its regular events. The famous music programs are a hit and make the nightlife of this bar happen.

Whoever experiences the music program surely wants to go back. They also serve a wide variety of food and drink ranging from lunch to evening snacks with great service.

9. The Boom Bar

As the name suggests, The Boom bar is a blast. This very chic-looking bar is a perfect place to enjoy your night while taking a tour of Windsor bars.

This bar is also known as Windsor’s hottest night spot’ and it is true. It is a lovely place where you would want to be on a Saturday night or a Sunday evening with your friends.

The style of the bar is based in London and has an industrial theme.

Their music ranges from old-school R&B to hip hop accompanied by special guests and DJs. There are also options for private booking for occasions parties and corporate events with a maximum of 275 people.

Drinks and cocktails are served by experienced bartenders who seem to have an effect on the customers and also add up to their quality. Wines and beers are also available in wide varieties.

Standing among one of the hottest Windsor bars, the Boom surely stands out of the crowd.

10. The Henry VI

Last, but not the least, we have a club that won’t be hard on your budget. Who said you cannot have fun on a low financial allowance? Well, whoever has said it, must not have any idea about these cheap still classy clubs.

The Henry VI
Image from The Henry VI

The Henry VI can be the perfect club for those who do not want to spend much on club hopping on their tour to Windsor which is normal. It is a very local and ‘not so hi-fi’ club and still serves some delicious food and drink.

Many customers have given it a four out of five-star rating. Table bookings are available and they also have highlighted menus on their official website. This club is a perfect example of ‘simple but sober.

Concluding Thoughts 

There is a whole different vibe going on in Windsor which comes to life only after the night falls. Don’t worry it is nothing scary!

Overall, we can say that this article consists of all sorts of clubs you need to count on your trip to Windsor. Ranging from high-class pubs to under-the-budget minimal clubs, Windsor offers them all.

Clubs in windsor

The last thing you can do to have one of the best nights of your life is to pay a visit to these clubs. They all are generally the best but you must check their ratings and reviews before booking your table.

Also, the menus are available on their official websites which should be checked for any unwanted situations that can hinder your family time.

What else can you think of doing without spending at least one night hopping in these clubs when in Windsor while being in this lovely city that offers one of the best nightlives? 

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