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10 Best Restaurant Near Union Station

Denver union station

The Union Station as you know is among the busiest hub in America. An estimate shows that around a quarter of a million people use or pass in front of restaurants near union station daily, making it one of Denver’s most popular travel destinations.

It’s been among the most popular places for several years at the center of the Mile City. This is the central station of Denver, colorado.

The station hosts the iconic station house, a modern and advanced open-air train shed, a 22-gate underground bus station, and a light rail station.

Denver Union Station is a vibrant destination for gathering with family and friends, dining and drinking, imbibing, shopping, and hopping around during the beautiful evenings to enjoy the city life, and traveling and making the best of your time when in Denvers Union Station.

After several years of construction and planning, it was inaugurated and opened to public use in the year 1881.

After withstanding the hustle and bustle of daily commuters, it was restored and rebuilt in 1914 and redeveloped 100 years later in 2014. This station and the places around them, be it restaurants or shops, are the city’s heart.

Best Restaurant near Union Station

Here in this article, you will come across the 10 best restaurants near union station to spend your valuable time and to have the best experience of fine dining or drinking, or both when in Denver.

1. Milk Box Ice Creamery and Flavour

Located close to the barbershop, and adjacent to the Great Hall, it is the best restaurant to satisfy your sweet cravings.

This restaurant will welcome you with a menu of comfort food including shakes, sundaes, cones, cups, and an assortment of milkshakes.

They are most renowned for their sixteen mouth-watering, rotating flavors of ice cream. They even had vegan options for customers wanting plant-based confections of ice cream, including sorbet and vegan options.

restaurant near union station
Photo by Brooke lark on Unsplash

This restaurant also features a tiled subway, terrazzo flooring, and large mirrors. Once in Denver, this place can easily be traced on any map, this can be a great place for kids.

2. Pigtrain Coffee Shops

What could be the best thing in the world than a cup of freshly brewed coffee near the Union station?

Unlike all other cafeterias and restaurants near the station, Pigtrain Coffe Co. serves hand-brewed, domestically roasted conscious coffee and expresso.

In addition to serving other comfort foods, like cookies and pastries, this restaurant is also among the best shopping stop for people visiting the Union Station.

Visitors can purchase souvenirs, merchandise, and more from this shop cum restaurant.

restaurants near union station
Photo by fahimapaping on  Unsplash

This is also a good place to arrange small meetings, events, and meet-ups. With a beautiful ambiance, this place certainly will grab the attention of avid coffee lovers and hoppers.

3. The Union Station’s Comfort Food Court

The Denver station itself has a food court located in its basement with an ever-replacing array of vendors, offering their service and food to anyone coming to them.

restaurants near union station
Photo by Alexhaney on Unsplash

Besides standalone vendors, the basement also holds several popular restaurants and joints.

Visitors, passersby, and passengers to the union station can look at the vast variety of foods, drinks, cocktails, confections, and many more that the restaurants had to offer.

4. The Bistro Cacao

If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant to serve you dishes out of the ordinary, then Bistro Cacao would be the best place for travelers and visitors alike.

This cafe has been in business at the DC’s Capitol Hill since 2009. With over 14 years of experience and happy and loyal customers, this cafe expanded its operations to welcome guests to more patio capacity and private dining rooms.

Restaurants near union station
Photo by David B Townsend on Unsplash

This restaurant is renowned for its French cuisine and delicacies. Out of the local dishes, this restaurant offers a wide array of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options. The French meal that it provides has unique flavors and tastes.

If you have a little more time, then you will also admire its ambiance and hospitality.

5. The Terminal Bar

This restaurant is standing within the mesmerizing rebuilt ticketing office on the outskirts of the Great Hall.

This bar cum dining would be the best place to visit if you want a have a quick munch or enjoy some drinks.

restaurants near union station
Photo by Qui Nguyen on Unsplash

It offers a dining and drinking menu consisting of many cocktails, wines, scotch, Whiskeys, etc. Drinkers and non-drinkers looking for a good place to spend quality time and enjoy good food must visit this restaurant.

In addition to cocktails and good food, this bar cum dining also has a great ambiance and friendly staff, and the perfect surroundings to host events and meetings.

6. The Acme Delicatessen

This fine-dining restaurant is a must-visit for artisanal meats, sandwiches, and salads. Its menu boasts a lot of local and foreign cuisines which the diner can choose from.

With a mouth-watering option for lunch, dinner, or for meals on the go, this dining could be your place to visit, on your arrival at this restaurant.

They have unparalleled arrays of drinks and food and are hands-down the best spot for deli foods.

restaurants near union station
Photo by Ola Mishchenko on Unsplash

They also accept pre-bookings or reservations and have options for takeout and delivery options. Recently they are offering competition with other eateries and joints and restaurants.

7. The Flavors of Indigo

This restaurant is a cute and charming restaurant run by its Indian Owners who started this restaurant several years ago and since then never failed to impress its customers and visitors.

It has several mouth-drooling Indian dishes and Asian cuisines on its menu alongside drinks. Known for its spices and taste this lone Indian restaurant had always attracted crowds to its table.

restraunts near union station
photo by Mario Raj on Unsplash

The restaurant also has a dedicated bar to go along with its popular Indian Cuisines like Biriyani, Butter chicken, Chole Kulche, Several rice items, vegetable stews, curry, paneer dishes, etc.

It is also a great place for people looking for vegetarian lunch and dinner options in a restaurant.

This restaurant is available on Google Maps and has takeout and pickup order options.

8. The Red Bear Brewing Co

Though it is a new brewery established recently, its USP unlike other restaurants is its unique menu list of fast favorites that includes a chocolate peanut butter milk stout, a hoppy, a Pacific Northwest-style red ale, and a Skookum.

Other foods and drinks include Sichuan Beef noodle soup, beer-infused cheeseburgers, and battered beer cheese curds.

This restaurant also takes reservations for inside eating and is a good place to host events and short meetings.

restaurants near union station
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Among other restaurants, with its drinks and food, this restaurant offers tough competition to the surrounding restaurants.

Being new this place might attract fewer crowds but it certainly is not a place to be left out, especially since people who had to dine here had given positive feedback.

9. Cafe Fili

If you are near any restaurant and your taste buds crave something other than the usual coffee shops, or comfort food joints, then Owner Zaid Maalouf had Cafe Fili as the Middle Eastern restaurant to fulfill your cravings.

Though it has a cafe in its name, this restaurant had a plethora of unique dishes on its menu starting from the very famous Hummus to the lemon and sumac-encrusted fattoush, Shawarmas of different fillings and tastes, falafel and salads to name a few.

restaurant near union station
Photo by Adam on Unsplash

For a soothing meal, this restaurant also offers panini filled with Moroccan chicken, black pepper fries, Short ribs, and Swiss chicken among others.

Available on Google Maps, this restaurant offers delivery and takeout options.

10. The Dubliner

One of Denver’s most famous Irish Bars, near union station. Dubliner is the best Bar cum restaurant that you find in Denver.

This restaurant has seen many VIPs including the President Of The United States Barrack Obama, who visited here on Saint Patricks Day.

This restaurant standing on this reputation has the best wines, scotch, whiskey, rums, vodkas, cocktails, mocktails, and several other assortments of exquisite drinks.

This bar is a fantastic place to catch up on social events, super bowl matches, or a number of other such events.

This restaurant also attracts great crowds due to its live band performances from Ireland every week. Halloween and St Patrick’s Day celebrations are Dubliner’s USP. Besides exploring these restaurants, you can also check out the best restaurants on the Danforth.       

The Footnote                         

As you have already learned that Union Station is a place of great historical importance for the city of Denver, standing and withstanding the daily crowds the Station has seen the rise and fall and rising again of the city and its people, its business, and the restaurant near it.

Apart from all the restaurants near Union Station given in this article, there are several good eateries and options all around the place at walking distance from the station to spend quality time with oneself or with family and friends or kids.

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