Island Lake in Orangeville: 10 Best Must-Visit Places

Island Lake

Want to taste nature and spend a memorable time with the best people around? Well, look no further because Island Lake in Orangeville has got you covered. It has a huge oasis covering over 300 hectares covering lakes, wetlands, and forests. You can easily view the four recreational seasons in the northeast region.

The Island lake conservation area in Orangeville has been in a landscape since 1970, with two dams constructed in 1967. Two trails and an educational center were then completed in 1975. Almost half a decade now, the island lake conservation area has stretched for recreational play areas like roads, picnic areas, parking, and facilities and expanded the trails.

1. Hiking Opportunities

Also, the memorial forest loop is within walking distance of 2km, with extensive features like a living monument trail.

Photo by Harry Gillen/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The Sugar Bush trail of a 3km stretch is the best place where cyclists can enjoy a ride by bike. It is 1.17 acres loaded with a nature play area with authentic features sideways climbing trail, a climbing wall, an obstacle course, and fun musical instruments are here for your family and kids! Due to safety restrictions and Sugar Bush’s incredibly icy, steep, and narrow terrain, this route is closed in winter.

1.1 Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail

The trail rounds up the Orangeville reservoir for 8 km. But the good news for adventure enthusiasts is enjoyed hiking in all seasons to Vicki Barron lakeside trail! The path is all covered with gravel, sand, rocks, etc. So, you can enjoy cycling, walking, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, canoeing, wheelchair users, strollers, and much more. After enjoying it, you can rest on benches and rest areas.

Island lake in orangeville
Photo by Rohit D’Silva/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

For a more natural look, explore the island lake Orangeville conservation area. This area is devoted to conservation headwaters. It stretches to 6km with clean water distributed to the ecosystem.

2. Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve

After sightseeing the trails, we move on to the ‘Provincial nature reserve’ in Hockley valley, a nature reserve under the governance of towns like Mono, Canada, and Ontario near Niagara falls.

It comprises 80% of the Cannings fall area of nature and science. The Bruce trail connects the reserve to other Niagara escarpment-protected areas.

Photo by Omer Salom/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

3. Lake Visit

Have fun in the nearby waters by trying canoeing or kayaking if you visit in the summer. Adventurers or rowers would love the time spent in the 400-acre lake.

Also, to all my nature lovers, island lake Orangeville presents you with loons, waterfowl, ducks, ospreys, and oysters.

waterfowl on frozen lake
By catolla/Unlimphotos

The conservation area is an excellent fishing spot, so bait your hook along the shore to catch your favourite. Popular fish species you can see here are northern pike, largemouth bass, and some black crappies in the lake.

But it would help if you inquired during summer because the island lake fishing spot is closed. 

4. No Winter Hibernation

If you are planning a visit in winter, then you can have fun with a lot of activities at the island lake. You can try skiing, snowshoeing, and walking on the gentle 8 km Vicki Barron lakeside trail. Orangeville has it all for making you feel the best of the winter.

ice fishing
by Studia72/Unlimphotos

You can try the popular winter training ice fishing; it is the best thing to try on open ice. When the ice gets frozen, trails are for leisure hockey and skating.

5. Feel the Nature

Island lake has it all for diverse seasonal events. The mind-blowing colosseum offers free space for various outdoor yoga or walks.

You can enjoy live theatre and concerts or picnic areas with beautiful green spaces to enjoy walks.

Photo by Nils Lindner/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

You can also enjoy the official spring Maple syrup festival, which has all the fun traditions, games, and sugar bush tours. If you love fishing, there are a variety of competitions for you to participate in, especially twice a year. 

6. Maple Syrup Festival

The island lake organizes the Maple syrup festival yearly; this is undoubtedly the perfect place to enjoy with your family because. It is celebrated across the Ontario regions of Terra Cotta conservation area, Kortright centre for conservation, and Bruce’s Mills conservation area.

7. Dragonfly Arts on Broadway

Heading back home with no gifts for the family? Not a great idea my friend! But do not worry, Broadway at Island Lake Orangeville has got you covered. Make sure you grab some great street-style home decor to brighten your house. You can create beautiful various art mediums and collections by local artists.

Particularly you can find paintings by nearby artists, home decor, ceramics, and some beautiful jewelry.

8. Adamo Estate Winery

If you want to have some authentic wine, then try some from Adamo estate winery in Island Lake. It is a small boutique winery that practices organic and biodynamic farming with 28,000 vines. From their best Ontario top growers, the fruit speaks for itself.

Photo by Kelsey Knight/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

They have designed a beautiful place, a tasting bar, cellar doors, and award-winning wines. Enjoy the special place with friends, tour the winery and taste the fruit of their labour. You cannot miss tasting the fine wine and food with your friends!

9. Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)

CVC reminds visitors who use active transportation that the park is free. It provides a parking area accessible to visitors. CVC is now connected with various towns on the island lake and many hardware stores.

10. Forks of The Credit Provincial Park

Another famous park, Forks of the provincial credit park named after the credit river in Ontario. It is located on the Bruce trail and is part of the Niagra biosphere. Kettle lake and talus slope are some of the noteworthy features to look at.

11. Places to Stay Near Island Lake Orangeville

Here are exotic and pocket-friendly places to stay at Island Lake.

11.1. Best Western Plus Orangeville Inn & Suites

This Orangeville hotel is nearby Hydro One, Headwaters Golf Trail, and Ski Resort. This Ontario motel is only 3 minutes from Orangeville’s town centre and offers furnished rooms with free Wi-Fi. On-site barbecue facilities are available. Hockley Valley Resort is located 8 kilometres away.

Each air-conditioned guest room at Orangeville Motel has a cable TV. The rooms have floral bedding, a microwave, a refrigerator, and tea and coffee-making facilities.

Photo by Valeriia Bugaiova/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Motel Orangeville has a sizeable resort-style backyard with a children’s playground for guests to enjoy. The motel provides 24-hour reception and free trailer parking for your convenience.
At check-in, you will be given a complimentary soft drink.

The island lake Orangeville Reservoir is only a 7-minute drive from this motel. An airport nearby would be Pearson International Airport which is 63 kilometres away.

11.2. Orangeville Motel

This Ontario motel offers fully equipped rooms with free Wi-Fi and barbeque. Every furnished room has floral bedding, a refrigerator, cable TV, tea, and a coffee maker for all guests. It is situated 3 minutes from Orangeville. Even the airport is near the motel.

11.3. Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Bolton


Next, we visit Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Bolton in Bolton, Ontario. It has everything from the indoor pool, gym rooms, fitness centers, deluxe complimentary breakfast, and free Wi-Fi internet access to a mini-fridge, microwave, tea and coffee maker in every guest room.

All the furnished rooms are air-conditioned and have a high-definition flat-screen TV and iron desks.
This suit has 24-hour luggage and room service to assist you even though the parking is free for all the stayers.

11.4. Stevenson Farms B&B – Harvest Spa

Alliston has everything for its visitors, from the spa and wellness center to Wi-Fi and continental breakfast. The specialty is every room has its Spa B&B for air conditioning and a good view of a huge garden.

The rooms are fully equipped with basic amenities and toiletries. Also, get a free parking facility.

11.5. Best Western Halton Hills


It is a beautiful hotel or the best inn in Ontario. It is just a short drive from the main Toronto airport.
You can find award-winning golf courses, the Mold-Masters SportsPlex, and the World Famous Bruce Hiking Trail on the Niagara.

Visitors can also check out the Toronto Zoo, Ontario Science Centre, and Air Canada Centre.

12. Frequently Asked Questions

12.1. Island Lake Is Swimmable?

Island Lake is not a good place to swim. Without a doubt, this is not a usual practice. The lake is small, and the shoreline is home to many geese and other wildlife.

12.2. What Species of Fish Can You Find in Island Lake Conservation Area?

Anglers can still cast for pike, crappie, perch, and sunfish even if the bass season hasn’t yet begun. The lake offers a variety of excellent fishing places, and the fishing docks constructed along the beach provide a wonderful site to cast across the water.

12.3. Does Orangeville Experience Much Snowfall?

Between October 29 and April 23, or 5.8 months, there is a snowy season with a minimum 31-day snowfall of 1.0 inches. With an average snowfall of 6.0 inches, February is the snowiest month in Orangeville. 6.2 months of the year are spent without snow.


Island Lake is a beautiful place to visit with your children and family for a fun and frolic staycation. The breathtaking views here are a bonus. Trails, forests, parks, and lakes are excellent places to make memories.

Another feast to attend wholeheartedly and enjoy the cultural and heritage traditions is the maple syrup festival. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and wading are available watersports.

The park offers watercraft rentals and ice fishing huts, and it is a popular wedding venue. This conservation area includes an 820-acre lake, wetlands, and forest.

Visitors can take advantage of various recreational opportunities. Hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and picnicking are popular summer activities. During the winter, visitors can go ice fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, and skating.

I hope this article will help you enjoy the best staycation at Island Lake!

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