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10 Best Must-Visit Lakes in Canada

Canada is among the most wonderful countries in the world. It includes vast forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. The country is different in its way.

The landscape in Canada is breathtaking. Many people wish to visit Canada just for the beautiful attractions here, such as the lakes in Canada.

So it would be right to say that Canada is a land of lakes. There are so many stunning lakes that you can admire. These lakes are so beautiful that you sometimes get lost in all this beauty. Some lakes are so good that it attracts people to do various activities around the lake. Some of the lakes are frozen throughout and that too is an amazing site to witness!

Each lake will have a different space in your heart. it is very easy to see them on the internet but when you see them in real you will realize that these are some great lakes.

Best Canadian Lakes to Explore

There are so many beautiful lakes in Canada and each one has a different quality. Most of the beautiful lakes are either found in Alberta or British Columbia as they are also two of the most popular places to live in Canada

If you want to explore these beautiful lakes, you should read this article. Here are the top 10 lakes that you must visit in the Canadian Rockies

1. Lake Louise in Alberta

Lake Louise is one of the most popular lakes in Canada. It is located within the Banff National park in Alberta, Canada, very near the town of Banff. It takes only 40 minutes to drive to reach there. 

This is a glacial lake. Every year Around a million visitors visit the lake just to enjoy the whole beauty as there is no other lake in Canada like Lake Louise.

Lake Louise
By BGSmith from Shutterstock

The lake is surrounded by very nice vast mountains and a village called Lake Louise Village, which is a very famous spot to hang out also. This lake is the main attraction at the Banff National Park for its scenery and outdoor activity. There are several things that you can enjoy around lake Louise.

You can enjoy canoeing, skiing, ice climbing, hiking, mountain biking and boating, and many more. At the boat dock, you can also get a canoe rental. Earlier the name of the lake was ‘Ho-Run- Nam-Ney’(the lake of little fishes).

Since Lake Louise is frozen almost half of the year ice skating is one of the most preferred activities in winter.

2. Emerald Lake in British Columbia

Emerald Lake is another eye-catching lake in British Columbia, Canada. The lake is known to be an extraordinary one because of the beautiful shade of water in it. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada, located in Yoho National Park.

The most favourable season to visit the lake is Summer, and you should try swimming in the lake but at the same time, you should be aware that the water is always very cold in Emerald Lake.

Most of the locals and even tourists enjoy having lunch near the river. It is awe-striking to see such blue water in this freshwater lake.

Emerald Lake
By Stock for you from Shutterstock

You can enjoy doing many things at this lake. Two of the most loved activities by the people at Emerald Lake are hiking along the shoreline and also taking a canoe in the lake.

Other than this, this lake is very famous for cross-country skiing. Activities like skiing feel give you a very nice experience at this lake as it helps you to appreciate the beauty near you.

Another thing that you can do is fish and camp at Emerald Lake. You can also stay at an Emerald Lake Lodge that is surrounded by eye-catching scenery. You get some good food facilities here from a café called Cilantro

The lake is pleasing in itself but in addition to that, the surrounding scenery is also very delightful. You should visit Emerald Lake at least once to have a very good experience.

3. Spotted Lake in British Columbia

The Spotted Lake is a small lake nestled between some hills, located in the eastern Similkameen Valley of British Columbia. It is famous worldwide and also one of the most unique lakes in Canada.

Normal things like swimming, boating or even walking down to the shore are not allowed in this lake. Despite this, the lake is very famous because it is a spotted lake. It is known to be one of the strangest natural wonders in the world.

Spotted Lake
By Galyna Andrushko from Shutterstock

The lake looks like there are a lot of polka dots of blue, green and yellow colour scattered around and the surface area of each dot is very different.

Interestingly, this lake is known to be a very sacred place for people. It has been believed for a very long time that every spot has different medicinal and beneficial properties. The land near the lake has been restored as a cultural and environmental site

There is a very high concentration of minerals, magnesium, sodium sulphates and calcium in the water of the lake, and the different colours that are present here are due to differences in the number of minerals present in each spot.

It is not allowed to go down to the shore, so you have to see the lake from the road due to the environment and fragile nature.

The lake is like another worldlike thing that is very fascinating and that impressed a lot of people who have an interest in the history of the area and its cultural importance.

4. Moraine Lake in Alberta

Moraine Lake is also a very beautiful lake in the valley of ten peaks Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. This is a glacier-fed lake.

The colour of the water of this lake mesmerizes a lot of people as the water is a shade of turquoise. The colour also changes throughout the year as in summer the glaciers melt.

Moraine Lake
By R.M. Nunes from Shutterstock

Moraine Lake is surrounded by a lot of things like mountains, and beautiful waterfalls and all of this combined looks like an amazing painting.

There are so many fun things that you can enjoy around this lake while admiring the beautiful scenery. You can do cross-country skiing along with that a lot of people and hiking on the hills around the lake. These things are a bit difficult as access to the lake is not permitted during winter because there are a lot of chances of a natural disaster happening at that time.

Nearby to the lake in Banff National Park, Moraine Lake Lodge offers a great accommodation service. Here you can stay in a beautiful environment while having the calming experience of the lake as the lake is located in the valley of ten peaks. You can also get to see how beautiful the surroundings would be!

The food here is delicious as well! The taste and presentation are amazing which just is an experience of its own.

5. Peyto Lake in Alberta

Banff National Park consists of many beautiful lakes and Peyto Lake is one of them. The view of the lake is breathtaking!

The lake is worth a watch as it is very easy to get there and you can also climb up to some stops above the lake for some wonderful views. The whole scene of surrounding peaks is eye-pleasing that it will be really hard to leave.

The Government of Canada has also invested a lot of capital in the infrastructure of the lake and because of this fund, the facilities have become better.

Lake Peyto
By kavram from Shutterstock

The colour of Peyto Lake is blue which looks even better in the summer months.

Another thing that is notable about this lake is that it is very near to other lakes like Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and others.

You can enjoy going to the top of a lot of ranges around Peyto Lake and swimming in the lake but the water is always cold. You can also enjoy hiking there as many people love to do that.

6. Lake Superior in Ontario

Lake Superior is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Canada. Around 200 rivers deposit water in Lake Superior.

People love to visit this lake as it is very large and beautiful. There are 30 lighthouses in Lake Superior, and beaches with clear water near the lake are also open, so one can opt for swimming.

Lake Superior
By JordanSchopper fom Shutterstock

Another interesting fact about Lake Superior is that the water of the lake is very clean and clear and that is why people drink its water regularly.

Every year a lot of people come to visit the lake. You can get to see lots of fishes, flora and fauna in the lake. There are also reports that there are whales in Lake Superior

You can hang out around the lake or the beach, and enjoy food facilities by embracing the beauty of the surrounding.

7. Maligne Lake in Alberta

Maligne Lake is located in Alberta, Canada. It can be found in Jasper National Park. This lake was earlier known as the “Chaba Mine”. It was named this by the indigenous people who used to live in Jasper.

The colour of the water is alluring and vibrant and it is such a stunning lake that you cannot take your eyes off it.

There is a great picturesque view around the lake that just touches the heart. Thereby, it is one of the most famous lakes in Canada. 

Maligne Lake
By R.M. Nunes from Shutterstock

There are a lot of things that you can do like you can take a walk on the shore of the lake.

Unfortunately, you can not swim in the water of Maligne Lake as the water is cold most of the time and that is not suitable for people.

Some things that are worth a try at Maligne Lake are taking a canoe in the lake and admiring your surroundings. You can also book a cruise around it to enjoy your time to the fullest. It is a very fun place with amazing food facilities.

8. Lake Annette in Alberta

Annette Lake is a very pretty site to visit. It is located in Alberta, Canada. It is great to visit here with family and friends as it is one of the biggest lakes in Canada. Some picnic areas near Annette Lake are very beautiful, where you can easily spend time with your loved ones.

Along with chilling at picnic areas, you can also enjoy the activity of hiking on the hills near the lake. You would get familiar with the surrounding areas and ranges very well. You can easily get food around the area and have a chance to encounter some animals nearby.

Annette Lake
By oltrelautostrada from Shutterstock

The lake is located near Jasper National Park where you can have a gala time with your beloveds. When you visit the lake you will also see other people having fun in the water or on a picnic.

It is great for kids as there is a place for kids to play. There are beautifully paved paths that make it easy to have a walk around the lake and maybe cycle along the shore.

Annette Lake is loved by everyone irrespective of their age. Kids can play and elders can enjoy the calm environment and just admire the beauty of the surrounding.

9. Garibaldi Lake in British Columbia

Garibaldi Lake is a very beautiful lake in the area of British Columbia, Canada. The water was turquoise-coloured.

Garibaldi Lake has so much to offer besides its beauty, you can also do hiking in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

You can plan out a day for hiking and camping as it is a very famous hiking and camping spot. The water is also very clear and pleasing to the eyes.

Activities like fishing can be done easily because Garibaldi Lake is an ideal space for someone who loves fishing. You can also swim but the water is very cold throughout the year.

Garibaldi Lake
By Galyna Andrushko from Shutterstock

Garibaldi Lake Hike is a very famous thing as the hike is 11 miles. It is open from July to October when all the ice has melted. It is great that you don’t require hiking boots while hiking in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

There are three camping grounds near Garibaldi Lake. The three campgrounds are- Garibaldi Lake Campground, Taylor Meadow Campground, and Helm Campground.  All three of the campground are very famous and people prefer to camp here so that they can appreciate the beauty around them.

You can bring your cooking stove to cook stuff. You can book a ticket for camping from the reservation park website.

10. Upper Arrow Lake in British Columbia

Another one on the list of best lakes in Canada is Upper Arrow Lake. Upper Arrow Lake is located near the Selkirk mountains in British Columbia.

There are a lot of things to do near the lake as there is a park and a beach. All these combined areas offer a beautiful sight. You can swim on the beach as a lot of people enjoy it but the water is cold (you can still swim in it and feel good).

In summer, you can enjoy boating, bird watching and fishing here. It is such a famous destination for boating. While on the boat, you can enjoy the nearby scenery in a peaceful and calm environment.

Upper Arrow Lake
By Marina Poushkina from Shutterstock

The lake is very famous and is connected to several dams and streams. One of the rivers that are connected to it is the Columbia River. There is a facility on the Upper Lake ferry also, where you can experience the ride on the ferry.

Some Other Famous Lakes in Canada

Other than the above-mentioned lakes, some other lakes are equally beautiful. These are such incredible lakes that you will not be able to take your eyes off them. They are as follows:

  • Waterton Lake, AlbertaWaterton Lake is one of the deepest lakes in Canada. It is a very huge and one of the most spectacular lakes in Canada. The lake offers delightful sightseeing. Sometimes people do swim in Waterton Lake during the summer months.
  • Abraham Lake, AlbertaAbraham Lake is an artificial lake that is located in the northern Saskatchewan River in Alberta. It is a very big reservoir and during the winter months, you will be surprised to see so many frozen water bubbles in the lake. It is a stunning as well as a famous river for its frozen bubbles. Abraham Lake seems a bit unusual but it is still like a normal glacial lake. It is very dangerous to swim in Abraham Lake as it is man-made. Still, you should visit Abraham Lake once.
  • Great Slave Lake, AlbertaGreat Slave Lake is a very famous lake that is located in the northwest territories of Canada. Being in northwest territories, a lot of people like to visit this lake a lot. It was named after the Slave Indians and there are many islands and rocky slopes near the lake.
  • Berg Lake, British ColumbiaBerg Lake is very near the Robson River. It is just at the bottom of Mount Robson in the Canadian Rockies. You can do many activities around Berg Lake. One of the favourite activities of tourists is hiking on the Berg Lake Trail. 

The Footnote

The lakes in Canada are so fascinating and worth visiting that it is really hard to not admire them. There are so many things along with these lakes in Canada that you can enjoy a lot like sandy beaches, alpine meadows, and different other places of interest in Canada.

There are so many gorgeous lakes in Canada that offers so much serenity. If interested, you can also do activities like ice fishing, hiking, backcountry skiing, and many more. Canadian lakes are one of the most photographed lakes in the world as the surface area of Canadian lakes is also very large.

Most of the rivers are located in the Canadian Rockies which provide a breathtaking view to the viewers. All the lakes that are in Canada have something that makes them different from others. For example, if we take the example of Medicine Lake, the lake is very famous for its wildlife but the way the river disappears in winter is quite difficult to believe sometimes. That is why it is also called the ‘disappearing lake‘.

Though Canada has so much to offer to tourists, it is still suggested to visit these above-mentioned lakes in Canada, click pictures and create memories with your loved ones during the visit. Overall, you should visit Canada and just experience the purity and beauty of different lakes in Canada.

Hence, plan a trip with your family and friends to Canada and explore the simplicity and beauty of nature that has been well-preserved for quite a long time now.


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