10 Best Fun Bars in Toronto for a Perfect Night Out

When you hear the name of the city of Toronto, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the nightlife of Toronto, fun activities, and energetic crowd that excites you?

So, if you are new to Toronto or planning to visit this magnificent city in a while, then you must make a note of a few amazing fun bars in Toronto that will give you an exhilarating experience.

Explore Some Fun Bars in Toronto for a Fabulous Night out

Toronto is a magnificent city, and there are several fun bars in Toronto to choose from.

So, to make your search work easy, here is the list of the 10 best fun bars in Toronto that you can explore with your friends and family that have world-class service and top-notch ambiance.

Source: Mother Drinks Co

1. Mother Cocktail Bar

Mother Cocktail Bar is one of the best fun bars in Toronto to visit. They have a talented team that makes delicious cocktails and serves fantastic food.

Also, if you are planning to take your partner on a date night and especially on your first date, then don’t miss out on the chance of exploring this fantastic place which is located at 874 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3.

To make the drinking options more special and tastier, this place uses the fermentation technique for making delicious drinks and cocktails which makes their drinking items more enjoyable.

Their cocktail menu is unique and consists of a large variety of drinks that are served in different flavours. The quality of food served is also exceptional.

Fun bars in Toronto
Photo by Ambitious Creative Co.- Rick Barrett on Unsplash

So, if you are planning for taking a tour of this masterpiece, then don’t give it another thought and quickly take your near and dear ones to this place.

It is one of the classy fun bars in Toronto with compact space and commendable food. Their popular dishes on the menu include Burrata, Octopus Tacos, and Toasted Chai Pina Colada.

So, if you are looking for some refreshing and classic cocktails, then go to this amazing place for sure.

2. Black Dice Cafe

Black Dice Cafe is also famous by the name Japanese Rockabilly Bar. It is a retro bar in Toronto with calming and cool vibes that offers you some super energetic and awesome drinks.

It is the best bar in Dundas St that serves you creative cocktails and includes an excellent vintage jukebox.

Their cocktail menu has distinct options of sake cocktails, Japanese whisky, and craft beer which is greatly appreciated by the people.

They serve unique Japanese drinks which you won’t find anywhere else. Their menu is for all type of people who loves to have meat and also for those who are vegans.

It is a small cozy bar that has its original location at 1574 Dundas St West, ON, M6K 1T8, Canada.

The bar also offers its customers to play arcade games and the most fun game played in this bar is pinball for this, the bar has a pinball machine.

3. Cloak Bar

Another in the category of best bars in Toronto is the Cloak Bar, which is located at 488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E9, Canada.

This is an exclusive bar with top-notch cocktails and exceptional service. It is one of the best spots in the city.

The interior of this bar is elegant and decent that is further adorned with dim lights. You have to make a way towards the basement as this bar has a stylish space on the lower level.

The barmen will make you feel very comfortable with their phenomenal service.

Fun bars in Toronto
Photo by Kevin Kelly on Unsplash

The Cloak Bar in Toronto has high ratings and great feedback from customers which makes it one of the best bars in Toronto. The taste of their beer and cocktail is very delicious and the bar also offers an extended wine list.

If you are looking for celebrating any occasion or are in the mood of having a party with your friends, then you can check out this bar in Toronto city that serves interesting food and drinks on its menu.

If you plan to visit this bar, then must try the popular dishes which are Japanese Pancake, Quinoa Tots, and Short Pisco Fizz.

4. Mahjong Bar

The ambiance of Mahjong Bar is dark with red lights all around and it also has a creative back patio. The bar has cocktails with creative names.

They have a nice collection of snacks and relatively inexpensive drinks on their menu. It also lies in the top list of best fun bars in Toronto.

Source: Mahjong

If you want to drink a combination of flavours from east to west, then you can try a drink from this bar, which is situated in Dundas West.

When you walk past the strip curtain, you will enter the Chinese-inspired restaurant consisting of some cool wallpaper pink colours, making it one of the unusual fun bars in the city and a secret entrance whose idea was developed from LeBlanc and Blake’s travels.

The space of this place was designed in collaboration with Grey North Design. The bar also offers live music which makes it one of the best bars in Toronto as well as in Dundas West. It is located at 1276 Dundas St West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1X7, Canada.

5. Rhum Corner

This bar is located at 926 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON, M6J 1W3. It is one of the best fun bars in Toronto.

The surrounding walls of the watering holes have numerous tanks filled with gigantic crabs and lobsters and Dungeness. So, this gives you an idea that the place is best suited for people who love to eat seafood.

Their dishes are properly prepared and made in a manner that gives a perfect seafood vibe and taste and the food also has proper fillings which enhance the taste further.

So, if you wish to have a wonderful heavy meal and want to explore one of the best bars in Toronto, then you should try this place at least once.

Fun bars in Toronto
Photo by Des Récits on Unsplash

You can visit this place with your friends for a brunch and enjoy its classy seafood. Don’t forget to try the spiced rum and ginger which is their best cocktail as well.

This place is very big and bright as well, and the staff here is always walking and making sure that you get the best service without facing any problems.

So, take your family to this best restaurant asap and surprise them with a great facility.

6. Shameful Tiki Room

Most of the customers in Toronto gets attracted to this place called Shameful Tiki Room due to its quirky name.

And not only do you become excited from the outside, but the interiors of this bar are also extraordinary and fabulous.

Another brilliant thing about this place is that it serves a great variety of food which will make you undoubtedly shameful for having it without giving any second thought to it which gives it a prominent reason to be named as one of the best fun bars in Toronto.

They also have huge drinks for sharing with a group, like a volcano bowl and a treasure chest filled with alcohol, and smoke rising from the drinks is a fabulous concept something similar to molecular gastronomy that gives a creative and innovative effect to the beers.

Mystery bowl and Pina Colada are two items that you must try once you visit this place. Also, don’t forget another nice drink, Puka Puka.

The cocktail menu of this place consists of a large variety of drinks starting from Mai Tai, Doctor Funk, Blue Hawaii, EL Diablo, Hurricane, and Zombie to a lot more.

7. Bar Raval

Another in the line is one of the best fun bars in Toronto, Bar Raval, which is located at 505 College Street, Toronto, ON, M6G 1A5 which is in downtown Toronto.

The place offers you Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines which are mouth-watering.

The special diet of this place is both vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. They have exclusive items served in dinner and lunch meals which are fresh and filled with various flavours.

They also have a selection of natural wines with pure and interesting tastes and are famous for tapas and beverages selection and their shrimp toast is loved by most people.

Fun bars in Toronto
Photo by Zen zee on Unsplash

The decor of the Bar Raval consists of cool woodwork, a presentation of a Barcelona-themed style which is something different from the rest of the fun bars in Toronto.

The interior decor is like Gaudi-Esque and consists of a comfortable patio for you to have your snacks. The place is decorated with some colourful liquors and spirited bottles.

So, go to this place quickly and have a delightful cocktail party.

Also, this hip bar consists of several different rotating beverages which offer a good sight to their customers and makes it one of the best fun bars in Toronto.

Something that is not to be missed is that this wonderful place has a very talented chef and owner of Bar Raval, Grant Van Gameren who possesses outstanding cooking skills that enhances the taste of your favourite dishes.

8. Bar Poet

This bar is famous for serving tasty, perfectly cooked pizzas and their Margherita pizza is the best seller that is liked by the majority of the people.

So, if you are craving something crunchy such as pizza, then do visit this place in Queen West to have one.

You can have your pizza with a Purple Rain drink that has a somewhat sweet taste. You can order hotrods, with sausages and honey.

Once you will enter this place, you will be welcomed with some great music from the 90s that will give you pleasing vibes and there are palm trees that have small white lights in the middle.

Along with pizza, this exceptionally beautiful place is popular for giving natural wine and beer and is considered one of the best beer restaurants and best bars in Toronto. It is located at 1090 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1H7.

The energy and the vibe of this place are something that should be tried once in a lifetime. If you are a fan of old music, then this place will surely excite you as it has been rated as one of the best fun bars in Toronto and should be on your visiting list.

9. Bar Volo

Bar Volo is located at 17 St. Nicholas St. Toronto, ON, M4Y 3G4 now but in earlier times this place was situated on Young Street for about 30 years.

So, check for the proper and correct address before visiting this place. It is a hidden gem in the city and is amongst the popular fun bars of Toronto.

If you love to have craft beers, then Bar Volo is the place that is surely going to make you happy as they serve the most fantastic beers of all time.

Not only this, but if also you want to hang out with your friends and family to have long conversations, then this place is for you.

It also has a nice patio that makes your experience even better. People visit Bar Volo for socializing and spending quality time.

What could be more amazing and exciting than holding a chilled cocktail in your hand and having a gala time?

You can try delicious dishes of this place which are rustic bread, farm sausage, pizza, olives, and carpaccio and their beer and cider selection is endless. They have the most amazing beers with a huge and extensive variety.

10. Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties is a true dive bar which is very cool and is one of the exciting bars that must be visited by you.

They have very amiable bartenders who will never disappoint you but rather will make your day very memorable by offering you their best-sold cocktails which are just refreshing and rejuvenating.

Civil Liberties is located at 878 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1M5, Canada and it is a fun place. You can visit with your peers to this place to have the most exciting dishes. The place is very good for celebrating special occasions.

Fun bars in Toronto
Photo by Fábio Alves on Unsplash

The special thing about this place is that they don’t have a menu for their cocktails. So how will you get one?

Don’t worry as they have super-talented bartenders who will prepare the cocktails based on your taste.

Isn’t it unique and interesting? So, next time when you make a plan to visit any bar, it should be this one. Tell the bartender your mood and preferences and get a personalized drink in return.

Reasons to Visit a Bar?

1. To Chill and Relax

If you wish to chill with your friends or do some light conversations, then the bar is the perfect place for you to spend your time.

Usually, the crowd in a bar is not so big, and you can enjoy a local beer or drink or even your favourite cocktail with utmost relaxation and comfort.

Also, it is not necessary that you have to visit a bar with your friends and family. You can visit any of the fun bars alone also and enjoy it yourself.

2. To Have Classic Cocktails and Some Enjoyment

Also, if you have got bored visiting the same places and want to try something different, then a bar would be a suitable place as many best fun bars in Toronto have soothing decor which can make you feel good.

Some funky vibes to make you feel enthusiastic, a great venue too, craft cocktails that have superb taste, fun board games that you can play with your friends, and a large variety of snacks that will make your night a splendid one!

3. To Socialize

If you want to catch up with your old friends to know how they are doing in life or want to make a new one to have a new conversation, then you should choose a bar.

So, visit a bar, have a beer or a cocktail, and cheers!

To Summarize

Now that you have the list of the 10 best fun bars in Toronto, you must not think twice about exploring them one by one and make your evening a happening and splendid one.

Take your friends to these local favourites and make beautiful ever lasting memories.

Toronto is a dynamic and beautiful city. Every year, thousands of people and students visit this city for work and study purposes and search for fun activities that can be done during their break periods.

So, during those times, visiting fun bars in Toronto can be a wise idea as they are thrilling and comfortable at the same time.




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