10 Best Cities in Vancouver to Explore

Cities in Vancouver

If you are among those people who like to be in the lap of nature and if the coast, the parks, the mountains, the hills, the parks, the valleys, the parks, the forests, the parks, etc. calls you to witness the majestic and experience the grandeur, then cities in Vancouver would be the best place to plan your trip.

The 10 best cities in Vancouver that have been listed have everything to offer visitors starting from stunning natural scenarios and delicious cuisines.

Also, the people of the cities on Vancouver Island are among the best, friendliest and politest people that anyone can come across.

Located in western Canada, Vancouver Island is the most populated province. Placed in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia Vancouver is home to around 662,248 people.

The third largest metropolitan province in Canada, the Great Vancouver had a massive population of 2.6 million people. Comprising the Lower Mainland, the Fraser valley has a population of 3 million.

The cities in Vancouver are among the most linguistically diverse and ethnically active cities in the country.

The percentage population of native speakers is 49.3% and non-native speakers are 47.8%. Vancouver is also ranked multiple times as one of the best livable areas in the region, the whole country, and the world. 

The Best Time to Visit Vancouver

The perfect time to plan a trip to the cities in Vancouver is during the mid-year, around July and August.

This is the peak tourist season. The weather would be sunny and warm and the best destination during this time are the beaches, coastlines and the shores.

The month of July begins with Canada Day, followed by extravagant celebrations and a display of fireworks and light. During this time each city tries to outdo the others with its incredible nighttime displays.

Though one may get a lot of crowds and also the prices will be inflated. But the major highlights during this period are the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Vancouver Pride Parade & Festival, and Bard on the Beach.

There are also a lot of street fairs and events accompanying it. So, tourists will never be short of entertainment and amusement.

Anyone thinking that winters in Canada, Vancouver will be snowy and gloomy is wrong. The winter temperatures are calm and in the barometric range of the forties during the day, and gradually drop to the thirties by the night.

The land of Vancouver miraculously has the mildest temperature in comparison to the rest of the country.

During winter, snowfalls, and storms is a rare case scenarios in Vancouver, however, when it does snow it does not stick to the surface.

But a major drawback that tourists might need to face is the winter rain, which can be a cause of frustration as it may disrupt all the plans. Clothes and socks can get soaked due to the chilly rain thus giving a damp feeling of misery.

Though there is little sunshine, it does no good to the weather, which is the reason behind the fewer crowds and gatherings during winter.

During this time the beach might seem to be a faraway hope, but there are a plethora of other activities to keep the visitors occupied and entertained.

Cities in Vancouver

The cities in Vancouver are the home to a vast majority population of people comprising 20 other municipalities and several urban centers with hundreds of attractions, parks, festivals, and stuff to spend one treaty time.

This article, there is a description of the 10 best cities in Vancouver for the ease of visitors and tourists who like to spend quality time on their visit to Vancouver, Canada

1. North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Surrounded by the best nature, overlooking Burrard Inlet, and being one treaty the nation’s finest places to visit outdoors, North Vancouver is a district and city along the coast of the North Shore.

It is backed by the Coast Mountains at some of the lower mainland providing picturesque scenery. North Vancouver is also a buzzing port area

The places of tourist interest in the cities in Vancouver, North, one electoral area, are Mt. Seymour ski hills, Grouse Mountain, Lonsdale Quay and its local market, and the Capilano Suspension bridge.

Apart from that visitors to are also welcomed in one electoral area by the beautiful Deep Cove, the Cleveland Dam, and mountains in one electoral area for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, side-seeing trails, fishing, dining, and shopping one electoral area.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Hunter Reilly on Unsplash

On the other side, cities in Vancouver, west, is among the Wealthiest municipalities and home to many adventure sports and outdoor mountain activities West Vancouver is situated on the Lower mainland.

Bordered by the Burrard inlet on the southern side and Howe sounds on the western side, West Vancouver is among Canada’s most picturesque residential areas and urban centers.

Close to Hollyburn Mountain situated in-between the bay of Horseshoe and Valley of the Capilano river holds main tourist destinations that include Whyte Cliff Park, Cypress Mountain for skiing, Ambleside for side seeing and strolling along the ocean, bridges, and many camping and picnic spots to spend a relaxing holiday.

2. Richmond, British Columbia

The first nation city of west Vancouver and gateway to the first nation of British Columbia and home to the Vancouver International airport Richmond has located close to the border of the first nation of two countries India and Canada, downtown Vancouver, metro Vancouver, and BC Ferry services.

Richmond could be your place for a night halt or the final destination, but the diversions from this place are numerous.

Like for example one can visit Steveston, which is one of the historic fishing villages in existence. Visitors will be mesmerized by the charm and beauty of this village.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Rohit D’Silva on Unsplash

One will get to know about the fishing culture, the cities in Vancouver, Fisherman’s life at sea, and the Asian traditions of the golden village.

This village also has excellent accommodations and Motels with an array of attractions like parks, rich international and intercontinental culture, delicious dinner options, shops to satisfy the shopping spree, and much more.

3. Ladner and Langley

The Municipality map of the metro cities in the Vancouver region includes municipalities in the Delta for both the municipalities Ladner and Tsawwassen.

Separated by fertile cropland, the municipalities of these two municipalities are situated at the southwest corner of mainland B.C.

The B.C. The Ferry service operates from the Tsawwassen. Ladner is also close to the border area and near highway 99 which passes through the Burrard Inlet.

Situated on highway 17 Tsawwassen is almost 14km to the east, south, and southwest. Tourists can enjoy the vast number of water sports like water slides and windsurfing off the ferry spit.

Visitors to the cities in Vancouver can also spend time bird-watching and strolling along the riverfront walkways.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Glen Jackson on Unsplash

Langley on the other hand is a hustling and bustling civic development accompanied by the picturesque pastoral landscape making one electoral area of the municipality of metro cities in Vancouver a good place to spend tour time.

The long stretch up to the US border from the South Bank of the Fraser River Langley has two municipalities and two communities municipalities: the boundaries of the municipalities and communities are the municipalities of the Township of Langley and the municipalities and community municipalities of the City of Langley.

Major attractions of the municipalities and communities are the community and other communities in the electoral area: Langley is the first nation,’ the first city and birthplace of the first nation of British Columbia and the first nation was Fort Langley.

Other local community attractions include cafes, galleries, quaint shops, and antique stores.

4. New Westminster

Many of you might have heard of the Westminster Bridge building and Westminster Abbey building situated in London, United Kingdom.

But, many of you might not be aware of the fact that one such Westminster building is also situated in the cities of Vancouver, Canada. Established in the year 1859, the New Westminster building is a building named by none other than Queen Victoria.

After its establishment, it was deemed a royal city and B.C.’s first capital city. It is situated beside the banks of the Fraser River and seemed to be stopped in time with its people and atmosphere.

This historic old-time charm with heritage-lined streets attracts visitors due to its soothing and homely atmosphere.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Matt Tsai on Unsplash

Tourists can board a short train ride from one of the cities in Vancouver which is around 25km from the metro Vancouver.

This place is along the Trans Canada Highway and adjacent to the Alex Fraser bridge. It is also 32km away from the international border. It has Vancouver Island, an airport, and stations close to its Vicinity.

5. Harrison Hot Springs

Along downtown Vancouver at the southernmost part of Harrison lake, North of Agassiz Harrison Hot springs is long associated with relaxation, enjoyment, and recreation.

This place has several world-class resorts, and hotels accompanied by pools bubbling with refreshing hot water, a sauna, fine dining options, and entertainment.

The springs are not the sole site of visit, it also includes a nine-hole golf course, the Ranger Station Public Art Gallery, and much more.

In July, these hot springs host the Harrison Carnival of Arts, which is a ten-day long fun-filled celebration of art and world music.

Ctities in Vancouver
Photo by Matt Wang on Unsplash

The features of this celebration include various beach concerts, visual art exhibitions, ticketed evening performances, art markets, a children’s day, various workshops, and many more. 

Harrison hot springs are also the most sought-after place for newly-wed couples to spend their honeymoons.

Wedding anniversaries, romantic gateways, and several other occasions and outings are always hot topics at Harrison. Local places to visit include the beach, the tiny quaint shops, camping grounds, etc. Adventurous sports include boating, hiking, and biking.

6. Whistler

Whistler is among the most visited destination in Vancouver. Its resort municipality is an unparalleled evergreen destination for thousands of tourists that visit here.

This place lies at a distance of 120km north, northeast, and northwest of Vancouver city and a distance of 44km east and Northeast of the city of Squamish on highway 99.

Whistler is located at the base of two immense mountain ranges Black comb and Whistler. These beautiful peaks form one treaty the biggest winter sports arena in North America and have the best skiing around.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash

Whistler is only a two-hour drive from metro Vancouver and is famous for its class resorts. The coast mountain setting of the beautiful resorts allows them to serve their guests exceptional summer and winter activities, including skiing to enjoy their stay.

The prestigious 2010 Winter Olympics was hoisted by this very city alongside Vancouver. Tourists are mainly attracted to this city for its advantages and offerings of ski and winter sports.

The village had developed itself accordingly to accommodate a variety of tourists by offering them cottages, condos, and luxury hotels.

7. Delta

The two municipalities of Delta and Tsawwassen are strategically located near the Lower Mainland. The Fraser River has guarded it on the northern side and the Boundary Bay has surrounded it on the southern side.

Delta has a beautiful yet challenging trail for cyclists and adventure enthusiasts of all skills, ages, and abilities. The scenic Millennium route of Ladner connects the island of Deas with the village community of Ladner. 

The community and city of Surrey are on the northeastern side. The name of the city is derived from the fact that the community has established itself on the banks or delta of the Fraser River. 

Ctities in Vancouver
Photo by Chong Wei on Unsplash

This city is also famous amongst bird enthusiasts as a place to see and be seen. The famous bird-watching destination in town is Boundary Bay, Regional Park. Another good place is George C. Rifle’s Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

The city of Delta is interlinked by national highways 91 and 99 that provide easy access to the international border of the United States and the Vancouver International airport. The best time to visit Delta is from mid-July to late August.

8. Burnaby, Metro Vancouver

When established in the year 1892, the city of Burnaby was at that era an agricultural hub community.

Its development has changed drastically since then, transforming from a first nation community to a city to a farming community on land to a community and then a community to a residential community on building as the community it is now.

Burnaby, today is the most heavily crowded district in Greater Vancouver and the among the metro cities. Situated on highway 99A and 12km away to the west end of the eastern region of Vancouver, its main entrances are the Cariboo Interchange, Willingdon Avenue, Spratt Street, and Grandview highway.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Kenyatta Sterling on Unsplash

Other great places in Burnaby are central Stanley park, which is also home to Swangard Stadium, Burnaby lake, Stanley park, Deer lake, Stanley park again, Barnet Marine, Stanley park, and Confederation and Stanley park, which boasts great forested walking trails.

Other places of interest include the Burnaby Artisan market which happens every Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm from May to October.

Burnaby Railway is a sweet miniature railway that opens from Easter Weekend until Thanksgiving from 11 am to 5 pm.

The Nikki National Museum and Cultural Centre is a place that showcases Japanese-Canadian culture and history. It also hosts several events over the year including the Nikki Matsuri on the first weekend in September

Tourists visiting Burnaby can keep themselves occupied in activities and sports such as fishing, tennis, boating, wildlife watching and photography, shopping, museums, antique shopping, theatre, and dining.

This city has many hotels and motels for the comfort of the tourists, as well as RV parks for camper vans and camping spots.

9. Abbotsford

In downtown Vancouver, the city of Abbotsford is one of the first in the metro Vancouver and west of metro Vancouver nation the rapidly expanding areas in the metro Vancouver and west of metro Vancouver country.

It is Guarded by the Fraser River on one treaty on the one treaty electoral area on the northern side and blocked by the international border of the united states on one treaty one electoral area in the south with the southernmost point grey tip.

Government reports show that the city of Vancouver is among the most productive and fertile agricultural communities and farmlands communities and municipalities in the country and the city of Vancouver has to offer tourists who come here an array of services, recreational activities, and amusement.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Eco-Dairy is a budding service business in the city of Abbotsford that has developed its services by building its services through a partnership with the world of science.

Tourists get to know about cow milking and the technology involved in building the services in the dairy and services business when they visit here.

This place is strategically located along Vancouver’s highway close to the Fraser Valley region. the community of Abbotsford is easily accessible from any direction.

It is located 68km away north of the Harrison Hot Springs region, 72km away east from the metro Vancouver region, and 3 km away from the U.S. border.

10. White Rock

This a peace-loving beautiful and quaint place among the cities in Vancouver’s one treaty of English bay.

This place has got its unique name from the large white rock situated on coal harbor on one treaty of English bay. English’s bay from the beach.

Tourists visiting greater Vancouver will find themselves spending most of their time strolling the Promenade running for 4.5km along the long beachfront or walking and strolling the pier. They can also enjoy the ocean waters or stay laid basking under the sun.

Cities in Vancouver
Photo by Kyle Thacker on Unsplash

This place mainly gets its visitors due to the scenic stretches of sand and pastel ocean views. When not in the mood for relaxing tourists can opt for shopping in the many little stores and small businesses alongside the beach.

The restaurants serve everything from Old school fish and chips to English-style fish to international cuisines as well.

The Footnote

Vancouver being one of the most popular places to visit in Canada welcomes approximately 11 million tourists annually due to its reputation for being a popular tourist and cruise destination around the globe.

Apart from ships, yachts, and boats, the city of Vancouver is also famous for its beaches, wilderness, attractions, and scenic beauties.

A tourist will already win half the battle if he or she meticulously plans his or her trip to cities in Vancouver because being a part of the Canadian subcontinent, it is notorious for its changing weather.

However, there will always be opportunities in one’s favor with a slight stroke of luck and intelligent packing keeping in mind the season.

The city of Vancouver is also a massive draw being the third-largest Chinatown in North America. 

The town also includes a lot of historical places, museums, parks, beaches, attractions, festivals, occasions, shopping centers, friendly locals, excellent neighborhoods, Bowen Island, Fort Langley, Fraser Valley, Horseshoe bay, Greater Vancouver, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam Richmond, and mouth-watering cuisines.

The cities of Vancouver also has far-sightedness since they are aiming to be the most advanced and greenest city in the world.

They are targeting to fuel the city entirly on renewable sources of energy, to increase the green cover for a healthier living, and to offer its citizens a more comfortable, convient, and safe mode of stay by uprading their existing technologies and to intergrate modern technologies into the city.

According to the international business and lifestyle maganize Forbes Vancouver has the an extensive real-estate market, which is ranked 4th in the world and it is also the 10th most cleanest city in the world according to international rankings. The cities of Vancouver are also an developing hotspot for mining activities and forest based supplies. 

Cities in Vancouver are the perfect place to feel at home or explore their surrounding areas. All these reasons make Vancouver a place of must-visit to spend holidays and special events.


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    Dibyesh Das is a resident of West Bengal, India. He has completed his matriculation and higher secondary. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering. Wondering why he is here then? Dibyesh took up content writing as a side hustle during the pandemic to share his travel experiences and to channel his knowledge on an amazing platform. Since then, he has learned a lot about this vocation and field. Dig into his articles if you are ready to be amazed with intriguing insights! Profession/Qualification: Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Dibyesh Das

Dibyesh Das is a resident of West Bengal, India. He has completed his matriculation and higher secondary. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering. Wondering why he is here then? Dibyesh took up content writing as a side hustle during the pandemic to share his travel experiences and to channel his knowledge on an amazing platform. Since then, he has learned a lot about this vocation and field. Dig into his articles if you are ready to be amazed with intriguing insights! Profession/Qualification: Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering

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