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There are many things to do in Osoyoos. Osoyoos is in the Thompson South Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, in the South Okanagan Valley. The all-season beach resort community is located at the intersection of Crowsnest highway 97 and 3, just 4 kilometers north of the Canada/USA border with an architectural marvel.

1.) Osoyoos A City in British Columbia, Canada

Osoyoos is the southernmost town in British Columbia Okanagan Valley, Canada located between Penticton and Omak in Okanagan Valley with many things to do in Osoyoos breathtaking views sun hills, anarchist mountain biking trails picturesque scenery.

The town of Osoyoos is located 3.6 kilometers (2.2 miles) north of the United States border with Washington state, next to the Osoyoos Indian Reserve with an architectural marvel.

Seasonal visitors in downtown Osoyoos increase the town’s population to 5,556 during the summer months. Seniors (those aged 65 and up) account for 43% of the town’s population.

Another 2,139 people live in Electoral Area A of the Okanagan-Similkameen Regional District, and 1,426 more in the Osoyoos.

2.) Tourism and Things to Do in Osoyoos

There are many things to do in Osoyoos. Tourism in the Osoyoos area has grown to be a significant contributor to the local economy. The numerous amenities in the Osoyoos area contribute to this tourism. You can take guided tours as well as self-guided tours.

According to the town of Osoyoos and the BC Parks System, Osoyoos Lake is “the warmest lake in Canada,” with average summer water temperatures of 24 °C (75 °F).

Gyro Beach, Lions Centennial Park, Kinsmen Park, Legion Beach, and Sis Provincial Park are among the many public and private beaches, parks, and picnic areas that surround Osoyoos lake.

2.1) Osoyoos Lake

Osoyoos the warmest Lake is arguably the town’s most important draw, both literally and metaphorically. Osoyoos is roughly in the center of the lake, which extends south past the US border into Washington State. The Osoyoos lake is approximately 43 kilometers long, with several things to do in Osoyoos and sandy beaches along its shoreline.

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One of the best things about Osoyoos Lake in the summer is that it is nice and warm. In July and August, water temperatures range from 26 to 33 degrees Celsius, making it one of Canada’s warmest freshwater lakes.

With things to do in Osoyoos, the lake can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including going for a swim, fishing, taking a boat ride enjoying the fresh air, and bird watching. Water skiing and wakeboarding are popular activities and racing a Sea-Doo around the lake is a thrilling experience.

2.2) Camp at Swiws (Haynes Point) Provincial Park

Swiss Park (also known as Haynes Point Provincial Park) juts out into Osoyoos Lake, providing spectacular water views from almost every angle, and is the best picnic area. It is located on the traditional territory of the Osoyoos Indian Band.

In the summer, when the days are scorching hot and the evenings are refreshingly cool things to do in Osoyoos, the park is a popular destination with endangered ecosystems. Swiws Park is said to have the best camping in the Okanagan area with many things to do in Osoyoos; if you want to get a campsite, book as soon as possible.

2.3) Investigate the Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad

Prepare to be awestruck by the Osoyoos, Canada Desert Model Railroad, a 4,000-square-foot museum with an incredibly intricate and delightful model train set like you’ve never seen before.

The family-run museum began as a hobby in Denmark in the early 1970s and was relocated four times before settling in Osoyoos. The owners, Poul and Ulla, as well as their daughter and son-in-law, who help run the museum today, artisan crafts every element in the museum.

Many of Osoyoos’ attractions and things to do in Osoyoos revolve around the outdoors, but the Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad is a year-round extensive indoor activity. The museum will appeal to children but make no mistake: the models will captivate adults as well. One can spend a wonderful time here and have family fun.

2.4) Spotted Lake

In the list of things to do in Osoyoos. Osoyoos Lake is obviously the most well-known body of water in Osoyoos, but just eight minutes away is another lake, probably unlike any other you’ve ever seen.

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In Canada Spotted Lake, to put it simply is a polka-dotted lake. When the temperature rises and some of the water evaporates, the concentrated mineral deposits appear as large spots on the lake’s surface.

The spots are tinted in various shades and colors depending on the mineral combination in that particular area. The end results? A lake with spots!

Spotted Lake is beautiful to look at, but it’s also an ecologically sensitive area with significant cultural significance to the Canada Okanagan Syilx people. For these reasons, the lake is not open to the public; instead, you can enjoy the views from the fence that surrounds it.

Still, it’s worth a visit if you’re in the Osoyoos area during the summer when the spots are visible. In the winter, when water levels are high, you can’t see the spots, so you might want to skip this attraction.

2.5) The Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre Will Teach You the Lay of the Land

There’s a lot to learn about Osoyoos and things to do in Osoyoos, and there’s no better place to learn about it than the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre.

This interpretive center, provided by the Osoyoos Indian Band, provides information about the desert conservation area’s unique geology, the First Nations people who have inhabited the land for countless generations, and the wildlife that roams the desert.

Extensive indoor and outdoor interactive exhibits share facts and stories about the local flora and fauna. After viewing the exhibits or watching a film at the center, walk the 1.5 kilometers of antelope and sage desert walking trails that lead to a traditional First Nations village.

The desert flowers are in full bloom in late spring, providing a visual and olfactory treat. In the winter, the facilities can be explored independently. Select your own adventure from various different things to do in Osoyoos.

 2.6) Tee Off at One of the Best Osoyoos Golf Club

Several Osoyoos golf clubs and Sonora dunes golf courses should also be on your list of things to do in Osoyoos, take advantage of the spectacular natural surroundings. Golfers at Sonora dunes golf course are spoiled for choice, and that doesn’t even include the equally impressive courses in nearby Penticton and Summerland.

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Fairview Mountain is one of the most popular golf courses in British Columbia, and there are plenty of world-class courses in the province. This public Osoyoos golf club is located about 15 minutes north of Osoyoos in the community of Oliver.

The cleverly designed golf course captures breathtaking views and will provide an unforgettable experience for even the most seasoned golfers. Osoyoos has world-class golf courses.

The Nk Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course, also in Oliver, has 18 holes that will challenge golfers of all skill levels, as well as a 14-stall driving range with a practice area, both of which are included in the green fees. This walkable course is well-kept, with several holes that will keep you on your toes. After that, grab a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant.

Closer to town with many things to do in Osoyoos, the Osoyoos Golf Club offers two distinct courses: the difficult Desert Gold course and the more approachable Park Meadows course. Each course has beautiful scenery, but be aware that the terrain is hilly, so you may want to rent a golf cart. You’re sure to have a good time regardless of which course you choose.

2.7) Rattlesnake Canyon Is a Challenging Place to Play

Rattlesnake Canyon is full of exciting activities and has things to do in Osoyoos. This theme park, located in East Osoyoos on the east side of Osoyoos Lake, is one of the best places to visit for families.

Traditional rides are available, as well as bumper boats, go-karts, a 35-foot rock climbing wall, an 18-hole mini golf course, and an arcade with 30 different games. You will run out of things to do in Osoyoos before you run out of time.

The park is free to enter; activities are priced individually, or packages for multiple attractions are available. That means you can spend the entire day there or just a portion of it – you can’t go wrong with a round of mini golf and an ice cream cone after a long day of swimming in the lake.

That means you can spend the entire day there or just a portion of it – you can’t go wrong with a round of mini golf and an ice cream cone after a long day of swimming in the lake.

2.8) Skiing on Mount Baldy

While most of the activities and attractions listed here and things to do in Osoyoos are best enjoyed in the summer, there are plenty of things to do in the winter as well, such as skiing at Mount Baldy Ski Beach Resort, which is only one hour from Osoyoos.

Mount Baldy Ski Beach Resort has 360 acres of ski trails and 240 acres of gladed runs, with the majority of the terrain geared toward beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Skiers can quickly and easily access all of the runs thanks to two chairlifts and a magic carpet.

 This small, family-friendly beach resort does not attract the large crowds that some of the province’s larger ski destinations do, so you’ll spend less time waiting in line and more time on the snow.

If downhill skiing isn’t your thing, check out the winter activities at the anarchist mountain lookout base. There are 5 kilometers of cross-country ski trails and 5 kilometers of snowshoeing trails. Of course, you can always skip the snow and instead enjoy a cup of hot cocoa at the newly renovated day lodge – we won’t judge.

2.9) Visit the Okanagan Art Gallery To Be Inspired

On Osoyoos’ Main Street, the natural light-filled Okanagan Art Gallery displays the work of some of Okanagan’s most talented artists. The gallery features work by over a dozen local artists in a variety of styles and mediums. Local artists are frequently present at the gallery to answer questions and share information about their work.

2.10) Experience the Relaxing Spa

If you’ve chosen to visit a peaceful, strikingly beautiful location like Osoyoos, chances are you’re looking for a relaxing experience. If you want to take it a step further, there are several spas in town that offer a variety of pampering and restorative treatments that will leave you feeling seriously pampered.

Solterra Desert Spa offers body treatments inspired by the Osoyoos desert. Spa guests can choose between a hot tub and sea salt scrub and a sun-dried rose clay application, or a sage and cedar oil treatment and full body scrub.

Levia Wellness Spa, another local spa, offers one-of-a-kind signature treatments that will relax you from head to toe. Their rain drop and hot tub therapy treatment combines massage and reflexology to relieve stress, while their herbal body balance service includes a sweet-smelling lavender rosemary exfoliation and massage, as well as an in-house blended, herbal-infused massage oil.

4.) Final Words

Osoyoos BC is in the Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, in South Okanagan has many things to do in Osoyoos. Our all-season resort community is located at the intersection of Highways 97 and 3, just 4 kilometers north of the Canada/USA border in Indian grove riding stables.

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There are many things to do in Osoyoos. From wine tasting to visiting vineyards. One can go to the district wine village having breathtaking views of natural light.

Osoyoos BC, Canada has an interactive learning environment, and outdoor exhibit galleries create a fun environment. Beautiful hills, vineyards, and wine tasting make the visit more fun with many more things to do in Osoyoos.

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